Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Ponder and Stitch graveyard.

It is a sad fact that I have lost or broken many things I've talked about on this blog. Here is a sampling of items I've loved and lost.

1. The sweetest wooden necklace:

This one makes me SO sad. I talked about it here. I got to wear this beauty one time. ONCE! After that, it magically disappeared. Gone forever. It still makes me cringe every time I see this photo on my computer. It was so pretty and dainty.

2. My beloved baby toes succulent. This one was a straight-up murder.

I talked about this plant here. Oh, how I loved these baby toes. They didn't last long after this post.  Since this plant, I have had a number of succulents that have lasted (and are still going strong) a long time! Thank goodness for jade plants.

3. This cute wrapped thread bracelet:

I talked about this here. It wasn't long before I put it in a pocket in my purse and a pen leaked on it. :( I'm still trying to salvage this one.

4. This next one is kind of cheating, because I still use it:

I talked about this mug I got from Urban Outfitters here. I ended buying three of these in all, and all three broke. One was shattered completely. The other two are broken on the pedestal part. They are very prone to chipping, but I can't bear to throw them away. They are so cute! I think one is even chipped at the top rim.

5. My Blue Q zip pouches:

I talked all about them here. Well, they just disappeared. Haven't seen them in years. Where does all this stuff go?

6. My awesome Beatles wallet from this post:

Ughhhhhh, why oh why did you break?! The vinyl-ish material on the outside just split all the way through. It looked like someone took a razor blade and just sliced it from end to end.  I carried it that way for the longest time, but I finally had to retire it. I still love you guys!

7. My vintage plates from this post:

I had a good number of these in both dinner and snack size. I think I have one left. I am the worst dishes-breaker of all time. :(

Well, I have to run back to work. I assure you, the graveyard is much bigger than what I've shown here. Have you broken or lost anything you've talked about on your blog? Let me know!


  1. you're quite the wrecking ball, aren't you? ;)

  2. I love this post! not that you broke or lost these things, but it still makes me smile. love that necklace, too bad she closed the shop. maybe you can find something similar on etsy? try snake plant, you could ignore for years and it will still grow. my mother had the one my sister 'grew' in kindergarten for eons. thanks for stopping by the muse. yes, such a bummer about the owl photo....it was my fault. i got greedy as he was looking at me, i wanted to get closer. he flew the coop. i should have stayed put and tried another shot! I think i'll have to go back to where they're hanging. very cool bird! happy to connect amy!

  3. I'm sorry that you lost and broke so many things, but it made for a great blog post! I can't keep plants alive either :(

  4. It's such a mystery about many lost things. I remember your post about that sweet necklace! And your Beatles wallet - such a gem!

  5. haha this post made me smile...not for your loss of course but because I can relate so much!! I lose things all the time then have a good clean up and find things i even forgot I had!


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