Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring, where are you? And springy/summery things I want.

I've had it. Winter, be gone! I'm finding myself completely ready for warm-weather clothing and accessories. I wish it would warm up, already!

I thought I'd post five things I'm coveting right now that would be perfect accessories for a warm, sunny day. If you'd like to see my favorite things right when I favorite them, you can follow me here. In the meantime, here are a few things I am totally wanting.

1. I love these bright, geometric stud earrings from AlJoyeria:

2. Friendship bracelets! You're never too old for friendship bracelets, and I think Kreativprodukte does really great work:

 3. This kimono from sweettouchdesigns:

I don't currently own anything like this, but I have to say I love the look! 

4. Skinny bangles. I'm absolutely loving this one from SilverLinesJewelry:

I love heavily oxidized silver, and the tiny heart adds a sweet touch. I want this! It looks like she makes them in three different sizes, too, which is great since my wrists are abnormally tiny.

5. Chevron rings. This one from BruteBeauti is simple and really affordable!:

There you have it. Those are five things I really want right now. Now let's hope there's at least a little sunshine today. Bye!


  1. great stuff! i am waiting anxiously for spring too-unfortunately snow again today :)


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