Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday vintage finds!

I got two great things today on my Saturday vintage treasure hunt. First up is the napkin holder above, which I'm going to use for mail. The flower is the most amazing color- this picture doesn't do it justice! It's so glossy and smooth. I just love it! Don't mind the dust- I still have to wash it!

I recently blogged about my ring addiction, and today I found a sweet one!: 

 I love the round stone and the flourishes on top and bottom. You can't really tell but the band splits into two parts where it connects to the top part, and there are little arrows and symbols etched into the silver. I LOVE this ring so much, and I love how it's all dark and worn. I'm definitely not polishing it. It's sterling, too! I've been wearing it on my pinky today, though it's a bit big. I'm going to have to get it sized, if possible. I just couldn't pass it up.

Anyone else have treasure-hunting luck this weekend?!


  1. I wish I was, but not today. Though a couple days ago I found a brand new top from a high end store at the thrift shop for $ likely retailed for close to $80 so yay me that it was my size!

    Love the napkin/mail holder - too cute!!

  2. Love that ring! I'm a ring addict too. It doesn't help that I'm a metalsmith and hubby is a spoon jewelry craftsman! Ha! I'm surrounded and I still can't get enough!

  3. oh that ring is sooo beautiful! Great finds!

  4. LOVE that ring! I scored a stash of vintage linens that are to die for... it's aways a big haul or nothing at all, eh?


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