Friday, February 1, 2013

Something I got and something I didn't.

Today I picked up just a couple of vintage finds after work. I couldn't pass up the sweet little saucer above. I love that shade of pink, and the crackling (click for a close-up) is perfect. It was 50 cents. Oh, and it TOTALLY looks like it goes with the little bowl in this post. They go perfectly together!

The next thing was not something I probably would've bought, but I just happened to pick it up and start reading the first page of this 1928 book:

I ended up really liking where it was going (after just a few pages) and now I have to see what happens. It was that interesting! I just looked online and I'm not sure but I think it might be part of a trilogy- maybe the second in the series, that seems to be about a minor character in the first book. I hope I didn't need to read the first one to understand this one. It seems to be about a human somehow traveling to a looking-glass type planet and relaying the customs and strange things happening all around him.  Yay for a new (old) book!

Lastly, I thought I'd show you something I saw at the same shop recently and obviously could not buy (at over $4,000.00!):

Oh, how I love those chairs! This table was way bigger than the photo shows. I don't think this set would even fit in my dining room. Isn't it great, though?!

Happy Friday, everyone. Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the book title - sounds like it will be an interesting read!

    Oh....droooool over that table and chairs. ;-)

  2. these are great finds!! and those chairs are really good..but you are right, too pricey.

  3. The O'Duffy book is rare and is the second volume of an important trilogy by a now-forgotten Irish satirist. You can get a used copy of the first book cheap(ish) on the web and the final volume is now available in an affordable paperback edition.


  5. Paul- Yes, I found out about the trilogy and am definitely planning on reading the others! I'm not done with this one yet, but I'm really enjoying it so much. I'm SO happy I got this book!


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