Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Well, my local thrift store has decided to devote a whole wall to clowns. CLOWNS. I couldn't even get the whole clown section in the camera frame, but you get the idea. As a lifelong scaredy-cat when it comes to clowns, I do NOT approve of this. I also haven't found a new thrift store score in a while, and I'm sure they'd have a bunch more good stuff out if it weren't for these clowns taking up all the space! Ick.

P.S. I still like you if even if you like clowns.


  1. Ewwwww, clowns are creepy. My mother in law had this awful hobo-clown picture hanging in her house, and after she died it came to my house! It's down in a corner of the basement, but now I hate going down there. I feel like it's watching me....

  2. Haha, speaking of clowns, my dentist office has a kid play area decorated in sad hobo clowns....in a dentist office...how depressing is that?!

  3. I HATE clowns!! I feel for you! [shudder]

  4. Eeeww...I'm with you on the clowns!! Ick!

  5. I ditto your feelings about clowns. They scared me spitless from age 5 (a VERY long time ago!) I don't like the circus either because that's where I first encountered clowns.
    When I found out that serial killer John Wayne Gacey volunteered at events as a clown I was convinced they are evil things. UGH!


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