Monday, March 26, 2012

A thrift store score, a vintage book and a crazy bookshop!

Would you look at this gorgeous thrift store score?! I got it just a few minutes ago on my lunch break. It's a Dansk pan in the BEST ever aqua- my favorite color!

It's just over 13 inches wide, including the handles. LOVE! I also picked up this little wooden pedestal dish:

I figure I'll use it for rings and such. I'm not sure yet if I'll paint it.

Onto books. Yesterday I spent the day in Chicago, kind of aimlessly wandering and going to vintage shops and used bookstores. The book I ended up bringing home with me was this one:

The story looked really interesting, and I loved the front and back covers. Creepy!

One of the bookstores we visited was this one:

I knew right away that this was my kind of place when I saw the piles of boxes and books and stacks of who-knows-what right in the window display:

It was closed when we first passed, so I took a photo through the window:

We went back a little later when it opened, and that was place was crazy! Every aisle looked like this:

Actually, that's not true. This was the cleanest aisle, but it was too dark everywhere else for my camera to get a good photo. I was a little bit afraid something would fall on me and I'd die in there, but I thought this place was really cool! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Prudence: A weekend thrifty art re-do.

Recently I was going through some old boxes of things I used to have around the house a long time ago. I found these little shadow boxes I bought from Hobby Lobby maybe six or seven years ago. My first thought was to toss them, as I don't like them anymore. But then I thought, why not use the frames and turn them into something else?

First, I found a boring, old print at the thrift store:

Then I removed the backs of the shadow boxes:

I used the backs to trace the exact shape out of the print (these frames were not perfect shapes and not the same size at all):

Then, using the same steps I used here, I adhered tiny vinyl letters and painted over the whole thing:

After pulling off the letters, I ended up with these:

These are lyrics from the Beatles song Dear Prudence. I'm so glad I didn't throw these away. Did you make anything this weekend? I want to see!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is a really cool bookshelf.

It's a place-holder and a bookshelf/end table in one. From here but originally found through one of my favorite blogs here.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Shabby Apple dress review and a coupon for you!

Oh, how I love this dress! I was thrilled when Shabby Apple contacted me to do a dress review. As you probably all know, they have the most wonderful vintage-inspired women's dresses! In these photos, I'm wearing the Frabjous Day dress from their new Mad Hatter collection.

This dress is so pretty and just in time for spring/summer! I will tell you that it is a tiny dress, so I would recommend maybe getting a size up than you would normally wear. I am wearing the size 4. And although I'm actually a couple inches smaller up top than this size recommends you be, the dress is snug around the shoulders when I lift my arms.

This dress is very well-made, and very flattering! It is very soft and light and has a lining, too. Oh, and look at that gorgeous pleating detail on the bottom.

I do wish they had put the zipper on the back instead of a short zipper on the side. Even though this dress fits me like a glove, taking it on and off is on the difficult side. You can't step into it; it has to be pulled over your head and the zipper is not as long as I'd like it to be. I did have that scary moment when I thought I'd be stuck in it. Alas, that wasn't the case!

I do recommend you head right over to Shabby Apple and do some window shopping of your own! For the next 30 days, Shabby Apple is offering a 10% discount to all ponder and stitch readers! Just enter the code "ponderandstitch10off" at checkout for the discount.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

I miss the old Jim and Pam. :(

It's just not the same anymore. Also, I've always loved this song.