Thursday, June 28, 2012

A thrift store score and some vintage goodness.

Click to zoom. I picked up this adorable little pink bowl at the thrift store the other day. I just love this shade of pink (and I'm usually not big on pink!), and it has a great old crackly finish. Love!

As for my latest vintage purchases on etsy, here we go. How sweet is this coffee tin?!:

I have a set of vintage serving utensils with the same design as this canister, and I couldn't pass it up. Plus, the seller was super sweet! From here.

I couldn't pass up the retro style of the tiles on this vintage planter, and the colors are perfect!:

From here. Fast shipping, too! Actually, all of the sellers in this post shipped super fast.

And I wish I had a better photo of this- it's way cuter in person!:

I've been looking for this shelf forEVER (since I saw it in orange on Piewacket here). I now own one in black and aqua! I have a thing for circular things, and this shelf is as cute as can be! I got mine from here.


  1. I really love that shelf! I too enjoy circular things...they just look nice!

  2. I love that shelf. So much so, I just went searching and bought one!

    I would love to see what you do with it :)

  3. I'm so glad you love the blue shelf purchased from my etsy shop! Lovely blog :) !!

  4. All such good finds! I love the coffee canister.. reminds me of a canister set my mom had. Unfortunately, she got rid of it before i could get to it.

  5. Love your blog, Amy! Your thrift store finds make me wanna go pickin' for items! Have a great week and keep creating beautiful things!

  6. Hi, Amy! :)

    Thanks for including the vintage floral coffee canister you purchased from Flea Bites in your most recent blog post! I'm really glad you're happy with your purchases! I'd love to see a photo sometime of the serving utensils with the matching design and also one of that adorable little tea cup you purchased from the shop in it's new home.

    Flea Bites -

  7. Hi, Amy. I couldn't find an email anywhere to contact you with. I just wanted to see if your address is still the same as last years? I'd like to send you something. Write me at owltracks at gmail.

  8. So loving all your sweet treasure...and your darling blog. xo

  9. Hi Amy! I've been thinking of you. Hope everything is okay where you are. xoxo


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