Thursday, June 28, 2012

A thrift store score and some vintage goodness.

Click to zoom. I picked up this adorable little pink bowl at the thrift store the other day. I just love this shade of pink (and I'm usually not big on pink!), and it has a great old crackly finish. Love!

As for my latest vintage purchases on etsy, here we go. How sweet is this coffee tin?!:

I have a set of vintage serving utensils with the same design as this canister, and I couldn't pass it up. Plus, the seller was super sweet! From here.

I couldn't pass up the retro style of the tiles on this vintage planter, and the colors are perfect!:

From here. Fast shipping, too! Actually, all of the sellers in this post shipped super fast.

And I wish I had a better photo of this- it's way cuter in person!:

I've been looking for this shelf forEVER (since I saw it in orange on Piewacket here). I now own one in black and aqua! I have a thing for circular things, and this shelf is as cute as can be! I got mine from here.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Garage sale vintage goodness!

Last week I picked up this great printers box type wall hanging at a garage sale. I bought a few great things at this sale, and the sweet lady running it gave this to me for free! It had broken shelves and the whole background was white. I glued the shelves and decided to paint a few random squares a mustard yellow. I had so much fun filling it up last night! Click to zoom:

It turns out it's a great place to hang my little orange owl. :) I really love how this turned out! It's hanging in my dining room. And I love the large size- it's three feet wide!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Here's another one of my latest purchases. How sweet are these macrame owl necklaces from MacraMe?! I actually bought them to hang in my windows, or maybe on a dresser knob or something. I just love them!

They came all the way from Argentina and came pretty quickly, too!

Oh, and I wish I'd taken a photo before I unwrapped them. It was the sweetest packaging I'd seen in a long time. LOVE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The start of my new ojo de Dios!

Wow, it's been a while! I've taken a little much-needed break, but I've acquired a lot of neat vintage things and have many things to show you! But first I'll show you my new mandala I made by using a kit from Jay of JaysMandalas. Jay was SO sweet and answered all of my many questions (and quickly!) as I went through the steps and tried to make my first ojo de Dios (eye of God) mandala. It was so much fun to make, but also required a lot of work and crafty maneuvering.

Here's a picture I snapped after I got a little further with the design:

And the finished product:

This one DOES have mistakes, but I'm proud of my first try! This one is 16 inches wide.

I'm still not sure if I'm going to add the traditional embroidery to the edges. I kind of like it just like this! Jay sells kits with both dowels and yarn included, or just the sticks. I chose to buy the sticks (which he had already carved with measuring marks), and used my own cotton yarn. I think cotton has a much more crisp/less fuzzy look than wool or acrylic. Now that I've learned the basic "moves," I'll be able to create many mandalas with different looks. Right now I have this one resting on a windowsill in my kitchen. I highly suggest you purchase a kit from Jay (or get one of his mandalas - they're amazing!).