Thursday, May 3, 2012

My new old shirt and a thrift store score.

The mailman was good to me yesterday! He brought me this authentic 70s shirt, which I love! I never wear red, but I loved the style and cut of the shirt so much (and it was exactly my size!) that I couldn't pass it up. The seller was soooo sweet, too. From here. Sorry, didn't even iron it before I took the pic! Oh, and I don't know why my hair looks so light in some parts in this photo. It's all the same color and all dark!

As for thrift store scores, I picked up just a few tiny things. First, I looove vintage pillowcases. You'll never find a softer pillowcase than a vintage one! These two were super clean and cute:

I love the cross stitch design on the one above.

Also, vintage sheets/pillowcases are great for making one of

Last but not least, I got the cutest little mid-century speckled dish!:

I love how it is slightly raised and stands on three tiny feet.

Best of all, it's an exact match of the one I already have in aqua!! I keep this one by my kitchen sink and put rings in it when I do dishes:

I just love these!


  1. All adorable! That shirt looks great on you. I also love vintage pillowcases. I always buy them and haven't figured out what to do with them. I think I'd like to make a baby quilt for my future babies, but it would have be be a girl because I have some very feminine prints :)

  2. AAah!! I had that shirt in my favorites as well! Love it, it looks amazing on you! and so does the color. Love everything else you bought especially the first pillow case. Wonderful colors!

  3. You are so cute! Look at that smile!! &that shirt looks fabulous on you!

  4. You look really good with red. You should wear that retro red shirt more offend.

    -Zane of ontario honey

  5. I have an aqua speckled dish but it has TWO compartments! Yay, but no feet :( I keep it on my desk for little things like paperclips chapstick a hair thing, a clip and some safety pins LOL


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