Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thrift store score!

Just a small one today... yesterday on my lunch break I picked up this sweet little glass dish. I love the floral design and the colors. It's about 9 inches long.

I also got this vintage blanket in its original packaging:

It's not one of those cozy, soft cotton has more of an acrylic/polyester feel which I don't really like. But it was new and in perfect shape. I figure it will be great for a picnic blanket this summer!

Have you found any thrift store scores lately?


  1. what great finds! i love that little glass dish so much. :)

  2. are you sure that's not an ashtray? ;) hehe!

  3. LOL! That's the same thing my boyfriend said! hahah.

  4. cute treasures! love the little dish :)

  5. I so love your thrifting finds and would love to see how you use them all to decorate!

  6. So jealous of that blanket! It's adorable. I've scored some pretty great things lately. I'm gonna post them on my blog soon. xo!


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