Saturday, February 4, 2012

Something weird about me.

I hate hate hate smoking. I hate the idea of it, the smell of it, everything about it. But I love vintage ashtrays. Why am I always finding the cutest ashtrays?! I keep telling myself maybe I could get one and use it as something else, but in the end, I'll know it's an ashtray and I can never bring myself to buy one. Tell me these owl ones aren't the cutest ever!:

I want them. I REALLY want them! And some more cuties (shop links at bottom):

I always try to convince myself that maybe I'll just put tiny pencils in the cigarette holders. lol

Photo credits:
1. ForestDaydream
2. NeedorWant
3. flippingout
4. Fairyknob
5. highwatervintage
6. RetroMagnetism
7. EasterInHarlem

P.S. Sorry January was so quiet around here- I'm back!


  1. The owl ones are super cute! I also hate smoking but have a few cute ashtrays around. I use them in my sewing cabinet to hold bobbins and on my dresser for jewelery. They are also great for tiny things inside drawers!

  2. those are really cute! i hate smoking too. you could use them for spare change or hair clips or something :)

  3. Ok, those owl trays are adorable! I know you can think of good uses for them! I like Katie's idea of using them for bobby pins or earrings. Or pile them high with skittles on your desk for a treat! ;)

  4. I hate smoking too, but the smell of cigarette smoke brings back happy memories of being with my grandmother. So although I hate breathing in smoke, I can't help smiling when I get a faint whiff of it now and then. :)

  5. Love them!! Not a smoker either, but they would be great for small crafting supplies like beads, buttons, clips, clamps etc.!

  6. They are so cute! I'd be afraid to have one lying around in my house just in case a visitor felt free to light up! Oh wouldn't that be a shock!

  7. there is a reason why everybody smoked like chimneys for was stylish! i totally relate to your dilemma!

  8. I think some of these would make great coasters.

  9. Hmmm... maybe you could use them to hold incense sticks? Haha, that may be as obnoxious as smoking! Just an idea. :) Or as little candle holders... I don't know!

  10. Dearest Amy, although I find you to be neato... your thinking on smoking is terribly flawed. Please re-evaluate. Smoking is lovely! And this is a lovely quote from a lovely man: “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgement in all human affairs.” -Albert Einstein

    Also those ashtrays = dopeness

  11. I worked for a short time at a vintage store that decided the overfull space would expand into a small store front next door with their bar and smoking accessories, so I saw a lot of cute ashtrays in one space! There were a few I couldn't resist and have repurposed them. One is owl shaped and I use it as a spoon rest on my stove. Another is a hanging ashtray shaped like a beehive. I decided to hang it up the other day for a bird feeder.

    The third photo down is screaming paintbrush holder to me.

  12. Hi there!
    Sorry this is late but we wanted to thank you for including our vintage ashtray (forth one from bottom) in your oh so lovely blog!!



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