Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some things I've bought lately.

First up, I love my new owl mug from Urban Outfitters! It holds a lot of liquid and is soooo cute. I bought it at the actual store, but it's cheaper online right now! Get two for $10.00 here!

Next, how sweet is this vintage cat plush?

I didn't need her, but I couldn't resist that cute little tipped head. I got her here.

I just got this old ROOMS sign yesterday while out at my local antique store:

I immediately hung it on my ancient basement door. Maybe it will make people think there are cool old rooms behind that door rather than a disgusting, scary 100-year-old basement. Notice the print in the background. It's this one and it's amazing.

Finally, take a look at this amazing felt collage I got Julia for Christmas!:

It's from pixlpshr and it's absolutely every bit as cool in person as the rest of her shop looks. I wouldn't mind having a whole collection of these! The felt is adhered to a 6x8 canvas and the back is finished very professionally with a little wire for hanging. Love!

Now show me what you've bought lately!


  1. I love all of your purchases! That room sign is so neat-it has a lot of character. I blogged about some of my thrifted purchases this week at my blog!

  2. terrific finds! Mornings will always be cheery with that little guy on your mug!!!

  3. I love the Mario box. Cuteness overload right there.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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