Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thrift store score!

I love this vintage mirror I got while treasure-hunting on my lunch break yesterday. It has such a great shape, and I love how narrow it is!

It is 22 inches long and nine inches wide. I feel like I might even hang it horizontally for a different look. I'm not really sure where I'll put it yet, but I think it's a great thrift store score! Well, not as good as what this guy recently found in a book at a yard sale. Lucky!


  1. you've got this lady all jealous :) an amazing find, indeed, and i love the idea of hanging it horizontally - i hope you'll post a pic when you decide where it goes!

  2. Oh! I like the horizontal idea! That story should re-inspire yard salers everywhere!!

  3. The frame is gorgeous, and it looks like the glass is in good shape! I think it would look gorgeous in a bedroom or an entryway.

  4. You inspire me to go thrifting! Nice find!

  5. You always find the best goodies! I want to shop at YOUR shops!!

    funny read.. how may drummers are going to be popping up claiming that one!


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