Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chicago Botanic Garden pics!

I apologize for the absence! I've been so busy lately and have been meaning to blog for days! I bet it was annoying to come to my blog only to see that sandwich photo every day. lol. Last weekend I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden (again). It really never gets old! It was raining when we went, but we made the best of it.

There was this great spot where about half a dozen hummingbirds were flying around. Of course, they move so quickly that getting a photo was impossible. I lucked out with this one:

But most of the pics looked like this one (or much worse):

There was a dahlia show going on while we were there. The flowers were HUGE and amazing!

These huge fish were begging for food:

It turned out to be a really lovely day, rain and all.

On another note, I got five inches cut off my hair today, and also got BANGS. I've never had bangs! They are kind of the long side-swept messy kind of bangs. I really needed a change. I'll try to get a photo!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I LOVE the first and last photos, and the first koi photo too! You are brave to get bangs...I've never had them either but I would love to do something different with my hair! Post a photo!

  2. I really need to cut my hair too! I could cut 5 inches off and I don't know if anyone would notice! Ugh! I'm over it! What camera do you have Amy? Your photos are always great! x

  3. those fish photos are so much fun! i love their greedy, happy fish mouths :)

  4. The fish photos are great. Went to the Montreal botanical gardens recently and the fish were so gorgeous but so fast could hardly get a good picture.

    I had bangs once as a kid and I think my mom cut them.. never have I looked worse.. plus it was my chubby phase.. not good. I don't think I have the courage to try them again... would love to see a picture.

  5. You are a wonderful photog! Love the pictures... thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful photos, Amy. I especially like the raindrop (second photo). Regarding the hair, I have been thinking about getting bangs as well. Would love to see a photo.

  7. BEAUTIFUL pictures! (except the fish - well, actually, those are technically good pictures, just ugly fish!)
    I love the water drops on the leaf!!!

  8. I would of loved to see the humming birds.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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