Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrift store score!

I love this one! I've always had a thing for old group photos, and these framed panoramic ones are even better. I actually got this one at an antique store. I can never afford them because they are always at least $75.00 to over $100.00. This one, though, was $12.00! And it's three feet long, which is pretty good size!

It's labeled Liberal Arts, Illinois Wesleyan University. I live in Illinois, so that was another plus. Someone has marked every person in the picture with a number (written on the dresses and suits). I love how there are people in the windows, as well. Make sure to zoom in on these!

If the girl in the middle of the photo below were a man, he would be twirling his mustache and tying you to the railroad tracks:

This girl below in the black sweater (the only girl in the whole photo wearing a sweater!) looks so happy. I wonder if she was mad she wasn't looking at the camera:

And the girl in the middle below is saying "No you didn't just ask me to say cheese! I'm way too old for this.":

I can't wait to hang this photo!


  1. That's so neat! Is it dated? I love old stuff like that!

  2. i always love old photos like this and always think: "wonder whatever became of..." very cool find!

  3. I love finding old photo albums in antique stores that still have the pictures in them. I have bought a couple before and want some more. Maybe you could contact that University and see if they could give you any kind of info on this picture??

  4. What a wonderful find! I could look at it all day!

  5. Awesome! I have one of my grandfather's high school, and he is actually pictured on both ends of the photo, because as they scanned (or however they did it), he ducked behind everyone and ran bent over to the other end. So he ends up in it twice!! How funny!

  6. Erin! My boyfriend was just telling me about a picture where someone in his class got to run behind everyone and was on both ends, too..funny!! That would be cool to be that kid. lol

  7. Amy - the pic looks to be from the early 1900s by the styles of hair and clothing. It took a lot longer to take a photo back then so that's one of the reasons people didn't smile - it would be hard to hold a smile that long. Also I heard that smiling was considered frivolous and people wanted to look important when having their photo taken. I love old photos too - I was at an estate sale today with lots of old photos, but bought a few old books instead including a 1911 college yearbook.
    You should have reminded me about renegade - I could have met you there! :(
    Lisa (mom :) )

  8. oh... soooo fantastic. I love the stories old photos tell. Great analogy of the girl in the middle ready to tie you to the tracks! Funny! Ladies were ladies.. and how did they get their hair so thick.. they didn't use all the harsh products we use I guess.

    Congrats on the score!!!

  9. That is so awesome! I love old pictures too! I hope you remember me! I'm Marietta. I met you a long time ago on the Brocante Home message boards..... I've been offline for a while.


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