Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lanterns, Renegade and an early birthday gift.

It's been a while! Sorry for the silence. I've been soooo busy! Since I last wrote, I got my gorgeous inaluxe paper lantern from Blue Q (and then loved it so much I got a second one):

Sorry for the awful photo but there is just no way to nicely photograph these lanterns, at least not in my house...I swear to you, they look sooo great!! Here is how they look when they are not lit:

I know these photos are atrocious. Just trust me that they look great in person!

This weekend I also went to the Chicago Renegade Fair. As always, it was a lot of fun! I bought this print from Jessica Swift because it reminded me of my boyfriend and me. It even had a paper lantern hanging over the couch just where mine are hanging!:

Right now I have it displayed on this stack of books (also not the best pic!):

Of course I couldn't leave without getting another tiny tree magnet from iamhome:

The only other thing I brought home this year was a tshirt from maryink, but I don't have a pic!
I did take some photos of things I wanted to show, though...

I really liked these little lights from jerseymaids:

I would've bought one, but then I remembered my house is 100 years old with barely any outlets and I don't really have any to spare!

I also thought these book spine snap bracelets from Magic Industrie were pretty neat:

There were a lot of pretty spoon rings from Revisions:

I thought it was funny that YardsalePress was using my name to display their coasters. I just had to get a picture of that:

Ok, so it's the shortest, simplest name in the book. But still. lol

I would've gotten more photos, but my camera ran out of batteries, not to mention it was SO crowded this year that I could hardly get into the booths. Seriously!

Last but certainly not least, my sweet boyfriend gave me an early birthday present this weekend (my birthday is Friday- 33- YIKES!):

Aren't these the sweetest wristwarmers?! They're from SheepishKnitCrochet and I love them dearly!! I pulled that photo from her shop because I haven't had time to take a photo of my pair yet. Tonight there is only a high of 48 degrees...Julia and I are going to have a little fire outside, so I may get to use them already!


  1. Aww! Meredith's wrist warmers are so great. Your boyfriend has great taste!

  2. So much pretty goodness in this post, Amy, but that's not unusual.

  3. Looks like there were some great things at Renegade! I'd love to go someday. I really love those lanterns in your living room...very cute.

  4. Those are some great lanterns! I wish I could have gone to Renegade too. Also I've been eyeing those tree magnets for a while - can you take a picture of them on the fridge for me? :)

  5. Very cool finds!! Love those book spine bracelets...they are going to be in my area soon too for a show...might have to go check them out!!

  6. I think you photos are fine! I love the interior of your living room. Happy 33rd birthday!

  7. Those wristwarmers are the coolest! And I have a major thing for bookmarks, so my heart skipped a beat at seeing so many in one spot. :)



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