Friday, July 15, 2011

Two shops I just now found (and love!)

Ok. The first shop is allicoate. I have no idea how I've not seen this shop before. How cute is this pillow cover?!

I already spy a ton of things I want. :) I think that pillow cover above would be first, though.

There are a lot of perfectly pretty things, so go take a look! I bet I'm the last person who knows about this shop. lol

Next up is nestcreatives. I love these little letter brooches!

That "G" is already sold, but isn't it adorable?!

I would love some of these as fridge magnets. I hope she starts offering some! So cute. :)

Did you stumble across any new (or new-to-you) shops today?


  1. ooh I love that Feist album cover patchwork from allicoate! so cute!

  2. congratulations on making the front page of etsy yesterday! (handpicked items) your bracelet looked so cute.

    cute shops you found too.

  3. wow-i agree-those are great.especially love the letters, and the pillow :)

  4. What absolutely fabulous find! You have such an eye for the old and the new. I can imagine that pillow on one of your vintage chairs and that magnet on your fridge!

  5. Those letters are awesome! This is one of my newest favorite shops:

  6. wow.. that pillow is incredible! that shop is new to me too, but i'm off to favorite :)

  7. I love your work. Your be still bracelet. Swoons...


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