Friday, June 17, 2011

Wordy (and nerdy).

I just bought this shirt and am SO excited to get it. My someone is a librarian, you see. Plus, I really do love the library! I couldn't NOT get this shirt. From AlisonRose.

I would also love one of these (or all of these) ideal bookshelf prints from jane mount:

I've been wanting this print from edubarba since the second I saw it. I kid you not, I was able to spell this word when I was no more than four years old. It's true - ask my mom! I just have to own this one day!:

Last but not least, I've always been a nerd and I've always had a thing for mugs. I think this one is pretty much me:

From DailyGrinder.

Any other nerds out there? I can't be the only one...


  1. I knew you were going to buy that librarian t shirt when I saw you "like" it on Etsy :). It is soo cute! And it makes perfect sense for you to buy it if you really do love your librarian :o)

  2. I really like the librarian t-shirt!


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