Monday, May 16, 2011

The other side of the kitchen and more

Excuse the poor quality photos, but it is really hard to get enough light to get a crisp photo in the kitchen! I decided to make an 'art wall' of sorts on the other side of the kitchen (in case you missed it, the counter/sink side of the kitchen is here).

I thought it would be nice to include some embroidery hoops with my favorite vintage feedsacks. I'm about to run out of this particular one (an all-time fave!) and now I've saved a little piece for myself:

It's the same fabric used in this cuff. I will be sooooo sad when this feedsack is gone!

See the "everything is going to be ok" print below? Click to zoom:

I got it from pleasebestill (Jen is the sweetest seller ever, by the way). It is such a wonderful sentiment and makes me happy every time I walk by it. Because you know what? Everything IS going to be ok.

I also got this absolutely adorable hand-carved stamp in the mail today:

I'm going to use it on the outside of my packaging. Isn't it just the sweetest feather? I got it at HandmadeBlayne. Oh, it looks like she's on vacation right now! Make sure to mark her shop for later to see her sweet collection of stamps. :)

P.S. You only have about a day and a half left to enter this sweet giveaway! Go do it!


  1. Great stuff! love the feather stamp and that print is one of my faves :)
    i love the idea of embroidery hoops for saving your favorite fabric pieces too-great idea!

  2. Amy! This looks so lovely!! I love getting to see how people frame the prints and I can't thank you enough for sharing the pictures.

    Those swatches of feedsacks are wonderful too.. so charming and cheerful!

    Have a great evening!


    ps- thanks for the nice comment about me too! Nice sellers only happen because we have such nice customers (entirely too impersonal of a word, by the way : )

  3. cute! and i DO love the print! buuut my favorite part is the overstuffed bookshelf in the other room <3<3

  4. i love you art wall. your right that feed sack is lovely.

  5. I love the special touches you have added to your kitchen. The stamp is beautiful. I checked out her sold items and she makes beautiful hand carved stamps.

  6. I love your house. Everything about it. It just looks like the kind of house I'd enjoy spending time in.

    Oh, and that feather stamp? So freakin' cute!

  7. It looks wonderful! Love your new stamp.

  8. Cute stuff, I love the embroidery hoop art!

  9. You have a marvelous eye for composition!
    I love your style ... simple elegance ♥
    Plus I absolutely Love a yellow kitchen... first thing in the morning . so cheery automatically puts a smile on your face. Bravo on the remodel!
    Our house is 1917 and in the process of a facelift - kitchen and master bedroom.. can't wait to be finished!

  10. Thanks so much for featuring me on your lovely blog!!! I am so glad you like your stamp!!!


  11. I love that feather stamp, and the fabric wall hangings are such a sweet idea! Love the way you are decorating your place! ;)


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