Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I got good mail!

I received my custom embroidered hoop from doecdoe and I love it! Gina transfers vintage paint-by-number designs onto fabric and then hand embroiders a saying of your choosing.

There are many different backgrounds available, but I decided to go with the Paris scene and then asked for "love is real" in French. I had some friends in France tell me this was the correct French wording, but then one other friend in France (a little too late) said, although it's not incorrect, the French would probably say "l'amour existe" for love exists. But the "love is real" wording was important to me and I'm in the US, so it works for me!

The possibilities are endless with these hoops- go get one for yourself! :) Thanks, Gina!

P.S. She also has an awesome blog here. Go check it out!


  1. it looks great!
    i think there are several ways to say it-this way looks good to me :)


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