Monday, April 11, 2011

What color did I paint the other drawer?

Thanks for all your comments about the post below. I decided to paint the other drawer a barely-there pale green. The official paint color was green tea. Unfortunately, the front of this drawer had a bunch of imperfections and rough areas, and they are pretty noticeable when painted. However, if people are noticing my paint job, then I did something wrong with the display! lol. Either way, the drawers are so much cuter than when I bought them, so I'm happy with the end result. :)


  1. Beautiful! That barely there green is one of my favorite colors. I love seeing creative display - and you're reusing a castoff...nice job.

  2. Now *that* color is my even better. So pretty!

  3. What an absolutely fabulous blog! Found you today and am so glad I did. Love the cuffs you make and all the fun inspiration you share. Have a fun, creative day! /Lina in Sweden (Minette&Minou)


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