Friday, April 15, 2011

Things I'm loving right now.

This gorgeous macrame bracelet by KalisteBracelets. Her photography is lovely, too!
In the flowers print by yelena bryksenkova. I wish I could jump right into that illustration.

Dreamy photo by firstlightphoto. The aqua is absolutely perfect.

Sweet house numbers by mooza. These are adorable! I totally want these for the front of my house.

Amazingly mod two-story cat bed that I'll never be able to afford by moderncat. The cat who gets this house would be one lucky dog. I mean cat.


  1. wow almost $300 for a cat bed! crazy! i could probably make one myself for around $40! love the dream pic!

  2. Well, I could make the pillows, but not the rest, that's for sure! :D Love it.

  3. Amy ... I am quite honored that you chose my photograph for your blog! Very cool! That's one of the first photos I took when I began this journey on Etsy. So good to hear from you as I don't get in the chat rooms much anymore!

  4. what a cute cat bed!
    great selections :)

  5. Great collection of items. I love that cat bed too. The macrame bracelet reminds me of your cuffs.

  6. Ok, I LOVE those house numbers! Hm, contemplating getting "23" for our wedding anniversary to put in our bedroom. That whole shop is beautiful.

  7. Love that flower print!!!
    The colors are fantastic!


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