Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday vintage finds.

I have two pretty cool vintage finds today! First up is this little squirrel ring dish. Well, that's how I plan to use it. This thing is really tiny in person, though it's hard to tell in photos!

I also found this really great fabric piece (click to zoom). It's a bunch of vintage squares sewn together like a quilt and it's a pretty big piece. It also has a backing. I don't like all of the squares, but the ones I do like totally make up for it!

Julia did NOT want to pose for me, but she finally let me do it. lol

The fabrics used are all pretty thick. I'm not sure how I'll be using this or where I will display it.

Happy Saturday treasure-hunting!


  1. Oh I love finding great fabric! Love this. Enjoy.

  2. D'awww I'm always so jealous of your thrifty finds !
    I only know of ONE thrift store here, and it's not even close to me ):
    Just dropped by to let you know you've been tagged :P

  3. I love your finds, they're so pretty. I hope to see some of that fabrics in your cuffs. That squirrel is SO cute. <3

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  5. That squirrel is so adorable that I swear I just made a little meeping noise!

  6. The squirrel dish is very cute!

  7. LOVE LOVE the squirrel dish!!


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