Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mom, you're old today!

Ok, not old, exactly. But a long time ago, this was you, getting a drink of water at the fountain. How cute is your dress? Do you still have it? I could probably make some cuffs out of it. hahah. Just kidding. And there you are in the middle looking all cute in your red dress. Would that be called a romper? I don't really know.

**The girl closest to the camera is my Aunt Lisa. I've always had a feeling she is my real mother. We're really like twins most of the time, thinking the same things and liking/disliking the same things... but today is my fake mom's birthday (well, who I've been told is my real mom), so I won't go into that right now.

Happy birthday, "real" Mom! xoxo

Wait, today is also my "real, but nobody will admit it" mom's anniversary! Happy anniversary, Lisa!


  1. Happy birthday to your Mom, it's my Mom's birthday today as well :D

  2. I love these old photos... a happy birthday to your mum!

  3. What wonderful photos! Happy birthday to your mama and happy anniversary to your aunt!

  4. Thanks Amy!!!
    Those pictures seem like yesterday in some ways, yet in other ways they seem like a lifetime ago - does that make sense?
    Vickie and I are wearing red "jumpers" - do they even make jumpers any more?

    Chuck gave me some beautiful flowers today in all the colors I love - shades of rose and lavender, etc.


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