Friday, April 1, 2011

The mailman was good to me today (and three rings I'm loving right now)

So I'm still looking for cute ways to display cuffs if I do end up applying for the Renegade Fair. The minute I saw this old tray on Etsy, I knew it would work. I LOVE the old aqua paint and the raised edges will keep the cuffs in place.

Also, look how well my business cards fit in the little corner compartment!

Now on to some rings I'm loving right now (most of you know by now I have a bit of a ring addiction).

This one has the sweetest tiny feather encased in resin:

It's from RosellaResin and she has the loveliest selection of rings and bangles. As soon as she offers this particular ring style in a size 6, I'm sure I'll be snagging one.

Next is this amaaaaazing ring from Ardent1:

It was cast from 1960s floral trim. Isn't it just perfect?!

Last but not least, I'm loving this silver tree bark ring from monkeysalwayslook:

I love that it can be personalized. Just adorable and a nice sentiment to wear upon your finger all day.

Oh! If you haven't yet done so, you still have a few days to enter this awesome giveaway. Go do it! Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Ah, the Renegade fair in Chicago? I might be going this year, have you already got a spot in it?

  2. Hi! :D No, they start accepting applications in May. I'm not sure I'll get accepted but I'm crossing my fingers.

  3. I love the tree bark ring. Very simple and elegant. For some reason it reminded me of Lord of the Rings.

  4. Great tray for your cuffs, especially with the spot just for your cards.

  5. Oh Amy it is such an honor to be included in this awesome little collection! Thank you so much!

  6. oh... loving your tray!!

    Beautiful jewelry ... I LoVe the flower ring!! Amazing .. WoW

  7. I absolutely love that tray!

    have you done a show before? Something that has always been helpful for me is to have a basket of low priced items, under $5. I used little catnip pillows that I sewed and sold them for $1. People bought them like crazy.

    good luck with the show!

  8. Your new tray is very yummy Amy, as are all those new cuffs!
    Oh, and I love that 'Daisy Lace Ring' so much... you always find such beautiful things on Etsy... !
    Emma, x


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