Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Calling all lovers of tiny things...

How cute are these teeny tiny houses and mushrooms?! TheOakLeaves is just about the sweetest shop ever and full of tiny little villages. For some reason, the little houses remind me of the opening pages of Harriet the Spy, where she's playing "Town." Remember? She's outside in the mud pretending the roots of a tree trunk are a mountain, and imagines all these people of the town living near the mountain and all the things they do. Harriet would've loved these.

Thank you, PeskyCatDesigns, as I'm pretty sure I swiped this shop right outta your favorites. :D


  1. So cute! The tiny mushrooms remind me of a story my mom used to read to me as a kid about a tiny community of bugs living in mushroom houses. Disaster strikes one day when a human drops a bunch of garbage all over the town, but the bugs make the best of it by turning the garbage into things they can use. A Coke bottle becomes a greenhouse, some straws are used to make pipes for a windmill that pumps water for them, and I think a pie pan was turned into a little pond that they could ice skate on in the winter.

    The book is called The Mushroom Center Disaster. I always wished I could live in a teeny-tiny mushroom house just like the ones in the story. :)

  2. oh my gosh i totally love small things! and these items are so included!

  3. I love that some of the houses have open doors. I think it would be fun to rearrange the village each day.

  4. If Toys Could Talk- I LOVE that!!!!

  5. Who would not love that beautiful X

  6. Oh wow, thanks for sharing my work!

    I was so in love with "Harriet the spy" when I was younger. I carted my little sister and a journal around the neighborhood with me and was a little too bold when I walked right into someones back door to investigate :)


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