Saturday, February 5, 2011

Postcard love.

I love this antique postcard I got the other day. It was mailed May 14, 1907. The caption on the front says view of old furnace. I guess I really know nothing about furnaces because that awesome building in the back just looks like some part of an ancient castle to me, which I love.

I love the pose of the girl in the center. She looks like she's having fun!

"yours received will reply later. I'm in (Orin?) painting Mr. Bean's house. will be here over next Sunday. just imagine a good time for me. tell L I don't quite understand. I think she's a little off. as ever your friend----."

I want to know why "L" is a little off!


  1. Love this! I wanna know why L is off too!

  2. funny... off?

    Those look like old coke/coal oven. They would heat up the coal and smelter off the impurities to make a more refined fuel.

    I love old photos.. you could almost contrive a whole story .. imagining bits and pieces...

  3. This is awesome. you have a great photo with a little bit of someone's story.

  4. hmmm a charming little mystery....

  5. Yes, I agree, the girl in the middle does look like she was having fun. Crazy big furnace, wow!!

  6. I use to send postcards whenever I traveled to my friends. I just found though it takes forever to get to my friends.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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