Saturday, February 12, 2011

The mailman was good to me today.

Last week I bought this antique drawing book dating back to 1887. I was so excited to see it in my mailbox today! It's just a sweet little collection of original sketches. Some of the tissue paper is still present:

There are various drawings of cottages, animals and flowers.

This is my favorite drawing in the whole book:

I hope the mailman was good to you today, too!


  1. What a treasure that is. Beautiful drawings.

  2. Cool. Are you going to make something with this or just keep it as a decoration?

  3. How neat! All I got was a bill today...but maybe Monday will be good :) haha.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous. What a great find.

  5. How fortunate you are to have found and now possess that sketch book. And how wonderful, too, to think about the person who was at those places and saw those things and what that meant to them. Really lovely.

  6. oh wow! that's incredible!

    Happy love day, sweetie!

  7. That's so neat!

    We just got a bunch of new resin so we can cast some custom glittery heart necklaces for a buyer :)

  8. oh, my the builders of today don't make homes like that anymore, boo-hoo,
    they would be perfect for us as new grandparents....I could just see all the hidden places, nooks & window seats in my imagination....


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