Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tiny canvas prints

It's no secret that I've been a huge fan of tushtush for a long time now. I own a number of original paintings from the very talented Tali and it's high time for a new addition. Since I also love tiny things, I'm really eyeing these tiny canvas prints. Wouldn't a collection of them be just stunning on the wall?

I love these little girls who appear to be crafting away:

The colors in this one are just perfect. I love that aqua!:
And being a guitar player myself, I love this one:

Really, it is so hard to choose. I feel like I'd need at least 8 of these (maybe more?) to make a statement, so this is going to require a bit of saving. I just love them all!


  1. I agree, I love her art! It would be just wonderful to have a bunch of the tiny canvases on a wall.

  2. I whole heartedly agree! She is a favorite! I love the one called "Life" .. it so reminds me of my little girl.. who is now 20 and not so little anymore...
    It would be stunning to have a collection of the tiny canvases.. truly stunning!

  3. Lovely...the crafting girls are really pretty!

  4. I really like the bird on the branch and the woman looking down right below it. What a great thing to collect, I'm sure tushtush would appreciate it! ; )

  5. These works are really beautiful! I'll have to check out more. Thanks for sharing.


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