Friday, January 14, 2011

Look what I just got!

Have you ever seen such a lovely presentation as this??! Click to zoom! An absolute dear who lives in France and knows how much I long to get there one day gathered some things from her walk and sent them to me, all attached to this lovely card with little bits of string.

All the little specimens were numbered. The first two are a bone and feather of a bird. Also included are a fir cone, some boxwood, a grass stalk, some thyme (it smells great!),an end of lichen and she says the lovely dried flowers on the end make the sounds of cicadas in the wind!

I am so in awe of this little treasure. I am going to frame the card in a shadow box and hang it on my wall as a piece of art, for that is what it is! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lililila! You can see her beautiful blog here, though you will have to know French! (or you can have google translate it, which I didn't know could be done until just now!)


  1. what a lovely gift! I am going to "borrow" this idea to send to my sweet pen pal- I just love it! I hope you show it to us again after you frame it ♥

  2. I love this! What a treasure and such a thoughtful gift.

  3. what an amazing treasure she's sent you! very fun :)
    i speak french, so i'm off to check out her blog :)

  4. That is a beautiful and thoughtful gift. i love that she has attached the items with string. It definitely deserves to be framed.

  5. What a gorgeous an thoughtful gift!
    It will look lovely framed.
    Lucky you!!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. This is beautiful--what a fabulous gift!

  7. What a great gift! So thoughtful and beautiful.

  8. I'm a huge collector of bird feathers myself.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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