Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday antique/vintage flea market finds!

I found some AWESOME things at the once-a-month antique and vintage flea market today! I got this little cabinet, which I think might end up being my nightstand:

The cats were checking it out and would NOT move out of the shot. The top lifts up and the front is actually a cabinet door that opens out. There are no drawers. There seems to be wallpaper of some kind adhered to the top. It's very sunny!

I absolutely could not pass up this old feedsack- look at all the owls!!! The floral fabric is gorgeous, too. It's actually an old apron:

I was SO happy to find these printer blocks! They had the right letters to spell the word ponder. These were a dollar for all of them. I think I'll use them to stamp the outside of my outgoing packages.

I also decided to get this cushion, even though I have no piece of furniture to use with it. Maybe it will be a cat bed! The fabric looks vintage, but I have a feeling it's actually new.

Oh, and I dare anyone to tell me these are not the cutest vintage buttons you've ever seen! And the best color, too..

I guess it was a good weekend for finding treasures! :D


  1. Wonderful finds! That cabinet is lovely and so fresh looking, it would make an awesome nightstand.

    Our once a month flea market is next Sunday...I so can't wait!!

  2. OOoh lovely finds :) The buttons are adorable :)

  3. I love that nightstand! So pretty! I really do have to check out the local flea market.

  4. Oh, there's some serious button envy going on here... !!!
    Emma, x

  5. I love the cabinet and the buttons ! I'll soon be going to the flee market too, I love spending hours there, but I'm not always as lucky as you :)

  6. Wow! You're a good bargain hunter....I love that little table thing, and the little owls!

  7. oh. my. gosh.
    I NEED that nightstand thing! My baby's room needs it, I mean. argggg

  8. That little cabinet is darling! and I love how cute your cats are, kind of chubby - I love chubby cats!

  9. i'd say it was a great day for finds! that yellow stand is the cutest thing! so cheery and bright. love the floral top!

  10. You have two cats? Do they fight a lot? I only have a dog.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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