Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday thrift store score!

Ok, it wasn't the thrift store. It was the antique store, but it was only $5.00 which was a pretty thrifty price for a pretty vintage platter in perfect condition!

It's a nice size, too, and I love the bright aqua flowers!

Love it!


  1. Okay, so, here is the (very creepy) plan:

    1. I receive your envelope.
    2. I Google Maps your address.
    3. I print out the directions to your house.
    4. I arrive at your house.
    5. We go thrift shopping.
    6. I purchase a lot of nice things.
    7. I go home.


  2. hahah yulia!

    Actually, if ever I find a group of people who read my blog and live nearby, I'd love to set up a day of thrifting! Wouldn't that be awesome? (Except we'd probably all want to buy the same things).haha

  3. Those little flowers are so cute. Aqua and brown is one of my favourite colour combinations.

  4. Oh, I just love that floral detail -- it is perfect!

  5. That would be so lovely! You really should consider that idea. It sounds funnn!

  6. Love color combo and I happen to agree with Yulia...think I'm flying you out here for the next Rose Bowl!! ;-)

    You are definitely the thrift find queen in my books!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. Another fantastic thrift store find. It would be so much fun to do a group thrift store run with you!

  8. this plate is so adorable - i'm jealous!


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