Monday, November 22, 2010

Love these.

Elizabeth Scott of ES Designs makes the loveliest botanical jewelry. I have adored this shop for years, and thought I'd show some of my favorites. I think the ginkgo leaf ring is the piece I'm coveting the most right now:

The birch bark rings are a close second. The ones shown below actually make up a wedding band set, but I'm wanting the thinner one just for a right-hand ring:

I tend to wear a lot of hoop earrings, and I love this twig design:

The ring below is a white pine branch:

Go see more (and make me jealous by getting one of your own) here.


  1. Such beautiful jewlery. I love the gingko ring too and the little acorn necklace she has in her shop.

  2. I got the ginkgo ring last year, I adore it!

  3. I have been coveting that first ginkgo ring for months now. I am hoping to get it as a belated Christmas present for myself... soon, soon.

  4. Pretty stuff!! I really like the twig hoops.

  5. pretty! I should have read this post when it first came out - I would have had had time to ask for one of them as a 5th anniversary present.


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