Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I like these.

I could totally use a few of these wall tiles. Although, I don't condone using the hooks for scissors. Danger!

You can get them as lidded jar tiles or cups with hooks, but it looks like the ones with the hooks are sold out right now.

Find them here.


  1. hello! thanks for stopping by my blog! i'm so glad i was able to find your blog today! i love it! i have actually had my eye on your etsy store for SO LONG and you are in my favorites! who knew. anyway, glad i found this little treasure!

  2. Amy I'm so pleased I have just sumbled across your blog, what a great find! I have had immense pleasure reading your latest posts! :) look forward to following you

  3. Very cute! Love the lids..hide little treasures inside!!

  4. I am imagining them in my bathroom with cotton balls and such in them... I Like!!!

  5. I love how it holds your keys.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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