Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dozing off...

I just snapped this photo of Finn falling asleep on the couch. I can't help it. I just love him.

I also just added two new cuffs to the shop. They're ready to ship:

Happy Saturday!


  1. Love that picture of your cat. Great name too. I really like that first cuff. Have a great weekend, Amy!

  2. LOVE the fabric on the first cuff! :) happy saturday!

  3. Love that first cuff!!

    Think I found something else to add to my wish list!

    Cute cat by the way.

  4. Such a cute kitty! My puppy's name is Finn - such a great name :). Love the new cuffs.

  5. I love those cuffs! Look like vintage fabric. And I completely understand how you can not help taking a pic of your sweetie. He is adorable!


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