Monday, October 25, 2010

Thrift store score and waiting for mail

I went to the thrift store on my lunch break today and found this awesome vintage serving bowl:

It's actually the same designer and brand as these, though not the same pattern. I love it!

As for my most recent purchases, I'm waiting for these adorable vintage salt and pepper shakers from Brooklynretro:

Too cute to pass up, right? And I looove the color. I'm also waiting for this great bag from helisengezer:

I love the lace detail and it has a place to clip your keys inside. This is crucial for me, since I lose my keys about a hundred times a day.

Now tell me what you're waiting to get in the mail!


  1. Fabulous serving bowl find!!! I love thrift stores for houseware stuff...I've found some of my best pieces there.

    Those owls are too cute!!

  2. OMG - speaking of losing car keys - Amy we have permanently lost one of our car keys. You know, the kind that cost $200 from the dealer? So now I have ONE car key. Chuck thinks I'm out of my mind because after either of us drives that car the key must be immediately hung on the key rack!
    So no more losing car keys for me (I think you might have gotten the losing keys trait from Vickie though - as far back as I can remember she could never find her keys!)

  3. I'm waiting for:

    1) Part of the beau's birthday gift -- a collector's edition DVD of "Pulp Fiction." It's one of his fav movies, but he has it only in VHS.

    2) Paper airplane charms that are on back order (booooo!) that I use for my rock/paper/scissors bff necklaces in my Etsy shop.

  4. omg that bag is amazing! I love everything about it - the color, the fabric, the lace and the shape. I must go have a look right now. Thanks for sharing Amy!
    I myself are waiting for some comics to come soon:)

  5. All I am waiting for in the mail right now is pantyhose. I must lead a boring life.

  6. Love all your recent purchases! Love the color of that bag and the lace adornment. Perfect.
    I'm waiting for a shipment of fabric.

  7. I love the serving dish. I'm not waiting for anything in the mail, but I do find great stuff at thrift shops on a daily basis!

  8. heya...just saw these:

    they're not aqua, but they're cute! :)

  9. Very cute finds, I love the bag! I'm not waiting for anything TOO exciting, though I'm excited to get it...some PUL to make nursing pads with LOL


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