Monday, September 13, 2010

Renegade was a blast! Lots of pics...

I had SO much fun at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this weekend! There was a lot to see, and I took photos when I could- it was really crowded and I had to be fast so some of these pics may be on the blurry side. The photo above with the adorable plushes was taken in junecraft's booth. Oh my gosh, their set-up was so sweet!

SkunkboyCreatures also had the most amazing booth:

I love how the sweet little plushes were in a suitcase. And that adorable little girl was passing out shop info. You could tell she was having so much fun!

On to MiltonandMargie's booth. She was soooo sweet!:

She had candles in vintage/recycled containers and I bought this hazelnut coffee candle in a tiny espresso cup:

One of my favorite places was the iamhome booth. The seller was so sweet! My awful pics don't do this booth justice:

I ended up buying this adorable tiny tree magnet:

...and this gorgeous original painting which is already hanging in my living room:

Another cute booth was by TartHeart:

If Julia had been there, I know she would've loved it. I bought her this little owl:

NoTengoMiedo had a beautiful booth:

Oh, and I got to meet Etsy admin Daniellexo! She was super sweet and let me take a funny pic:

Overdue Industries had a booth packed with great stuff made from recycled books:

I bought a pack of coasters made from the book Are You My Mother? because it's a childhood favorite. I also bought some really great magnets but didn't have time to photograph them.

There was this guy walking around the fair in slow-motion and wearing some type of deep sea diver suit (I thought he was a space guy but I stand corrected!). He got a lot of attention, especially since his backpack was blowing a constant stream of bubbles on the crowd:

One more pic... Nice had a great booth. I loved that clock with the vintage yellow floral print!

So that about does it. It would take me forever to load all the pics and talk about everything I loved, but these were some highlights. It was a great day full of beautiful items and really nice, creative people. I'm thinking about applying next year- maybe sharing a booth?!! :D


  1. OMG, it looks amazing!!!
    What wonderful pics, I would have come away with full arms and an empty wallet.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great photos (and finds!). It was lovely to meet you :D


  3. Everything looks amazing! Skunkboy Creatures has been a long time favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  4. Thanks so much for posting this, I really wish I could go one day but I highly doubt it will happen. I looove skunkboy creatures, Katie is so gorgeous! Love love love.

  5. What great finds! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I just moved from NYC so I missed all the fun. Love all your purchases. The tiny tree magnet rocks!

  6. You scored there! I wish Renegade was closer to me :(

  7. Oh, I really wish I had been able to make it :(
    Looks like you saw some wonderful things and met great people! And no surprise that you featured some of my favs too, including a couple of talented gals from Iowa! I love NoTiengoMiedo's Nosferatu pottery!! Thanks for sharing your adventure and purchases!

  8. I wish a Renegade would come closer to where I live. My dream is to have a booth there some year. The booths you are sharing are awesome! I saw Overdue Industries at Art Star in Philly -- they were one of the stand-out sellers for me, too.

    ps :: My vintage chair redo is up on my blog today.

  9. so jealous! i wanna go! this is such great craft fair inspiration though, which i definitely need right now!


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