Monday, September 6, 2010

library history.

This is one of my favorite old books. It is a 1962 edition of David Copperfield that I bought from my local library's book sale many years ago. It's worn and torn and yellowed and taped up and I love how I can almost feel all the people who have held this book over the past 50 years.

My favorite part about it is the page where you can see all the checkout dates:

I love how they used all different color markers to cross out the dates. The oldest date stamped on this page is June of 1966.

I love this book.


  1. That checkout page is beautiful, like a rainbow.

  2. That is so wonderful. I love old books too and wish I knew the real stories behind the who all those people were that checked them out!

  3. We have some books like that that we purchased from library book sales. I feel just the way that you do :)

  4. How wonderful is that :) ...a book with his own story :)


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