Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'll take one of each, please.

Take a Hike print from thewheatfield. I absolutely love this, and it really does inspire me to hike!

A lovely cup of tea cozy from knitstorm. She uses the best colors!

Fiery emerald cut moonstone ring from birchbeerboutique. I love the dark metal against the white stone.

My greatest adventures print from TheLightFantastic. I want to jump right into this print. :)

P.S. Blogger is having some sort of issue and not all the giveaway comments are displaying below. Have no fear, as your comments are still being emailed to me even if they aren't included in the list below! :D


  1. I love all of these, especially that print.

  2. I agree about the ring - the dark metal is fab!

  3. oh, I thought it was just me, my comments aren't coming up either. good to know. That rings is so amazing, I have to take a closer look.

  4. I love The Wheat Field, I really need to order one of their prints :)

  5. That ring just got added to my favs too, great find!

  6. Great finds! I especially love the print from The Wheatfield.

  7. ooh i love all of these! especially the take a hike print.. off to explore the shops :)


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