Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lucky lady

Today I got a great big package in the mail- an instant collection. I won all seven of these vintage milk glass vases from a really cool vintage shop called Ugly Santa. Go check it out! The giveaway was hosted here. If you don't already follow this amazing blog, you must do so now. :D

Thanks so much to both of you! These vases are going to have a wonderful home on my windowsills. :)


  1. Great vintage vases! What an awesome prize!

  2. So lucky! I am obsessed with milk glass.

  3. I think I entered that too...I can't remember :) Congrats on getting those! They're gorgeous!

  4. Aww, milk glass always reminds me of my Grandmother from years years ago.
    It also reminds me of that martha stewart photo shoot with them all lit up with tea lights. I love the way they glow.

  5. Congratulations, I am envious! Those are lovely. :o)


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