Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today as I was making this treasury dedicated to pretty crocheted items, I came across the shop LockandSpoon. Just look at these mini crocheted glass bottles!

Being a lover of tiny things and a lover of crochet-covered things, I pretty much fell in love. This shop is so cute. The items have a great organic feel to them, like the necklaces made with bits of real twigs. They also sell hand-drilled stone buttons (and you KNOW how I am about rocks). Go take a look at LockandSpoon. :)


  1. So gorgeous! I love pretty little things!

    I am going to check the rest of this shop out and heart it too!

  2. Wow! Great find. I love little bottles like that. Very cute.

  3. precious, oh my, I really can't believe how sweet those are, lovely find :)

  4. wow, I can't imagine crocheting anything that tiny, so beautiful!!


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