Thursday, March 18, 2010

I kill plants.

I don't mean to, of course. It just happens. Always. I seem to do much better with succulents, though! I just got my latest baby toes plant in the mail, which is my absolute favorite succulent. Today I went to one of my favorite local shops and picked up this vintage pink planter to go with my new plant. Take a look:

I love the little "windows" on the top of each shoot. They're like little skylights! Isn't it pretty how the sun shines right through them?

I got my plant here. It was well wrapped and a really great specimen. She has a lot of variety, so make sure to go take a look.


  1. I've never seen a baby toes plant before its such a strange looking plant I love it. The pot it beautiful too. I've taken a peep at the shop and the selection is wonderful I just wish it was in the UK.

  2. Your plant and new pot were made for each other!
    Very Cute.

  3. I kill all my plants too- of course, not on purpose. I even managed to kill my succulents..... I've got two that are just hanging on. But it's not looking too good for them. Poor plants.

  4. ME TOO!
    If I dont the cats do.
    This plant should be called alien fingers.

  5. I don't mean to kill plants, either. But my thumbs aren't green. They, and the rest of my hands are interested in rainbows, darkness and light, and every colour in between. Perhaps my plants die of fright (but really, I think it's just neglect).

    Having said that, I love love love succulents - their extraordinary shapes, and often extraordinary flowers. I position them at the back door, so they have less chance of being forgotten.

    Perhaps we should start some kind of club for those of us hopelessly plant-less?
    x tractorgirl

  6. I now have added baby toes to my wish list - gotta get some!

  7. Yep, I'm a plant killer too. Something about watering them...???
    That pink planter is too cute!

    the vintage book pinata is on this link:

    isn't it cool!?

    glad to have you as a follower! ;)

  8. I might have to get some myself!

    I also wanted to let you know I've been featured in my blog as one of my "Awarded Top 5's"

    Thank you for having such an awesome blog!

  9. I am not good with plants either...except for my two succulents! I love them. They stay happy no matter how I treat them. You've inspired me to get another to round out my collection. I've got some old McCoy pottery that is begging for a little "baby toes".

  10. I too am a plant/flower serial killer. I just don't got what it takes I guess :(

  11. I'm a brown thumb, too. This plant is adorable!

  12. gorgeous plant and pic for a pot! and I had no idea of shops like this on etsy so thanks!

  13. Okay, I never thought I could grow anything either. Ever. I killed stuff. Always. But, this year I decided that wanted to grow my own food. I researched some online and dove in.

    This is the result so far:


    One book that has REALLY helped me is Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail. Fabulous resource for gardening. Love it!

    I also got all organic heirloom seeds on Etsy. They are the best.

    If you do want to grow things and need any tips, let me know!


    KB :)

  14. Lovely plant! you picked a beautiful planter! Thank goodness succulants need less water. I am probably the worst thing that can happen to a plant, it has been a long time since I have had one thad I didn't kill!

  15. Karen Beth, that is so cool that you are doing that! I can't wait to start my garden at the new house- I usually start with small plants, though, and not seeds. Once in a while I'll do seeds. My favorite thing to grow is tomatoes, for sure.. zucchini and spinach are great, too!

  16. Me too! I dont buy them anymore because I feel too bad about killing them. I have heard that succulents are super easy to keep alive though. For now I will stick with my plastic plants!

  17. I'm a plant killer too and unfortunately succulents don't do well in this gray climate! Ugh.

  18. Me too . . . black thumb of death. But I also can do the succulent thing. Love that pot! I shall send you pot shopping for me, because we don't have a good stash around here.

    That sounded SO wrong.


  19. Oh that pot looks great!! I’m thinking of growing some herbs but my apartment building isn’t smock free so I find sometimes the smock gets into our place and effects them, so we’ll see how that goes.

  20. Love this little succulent -and the planter is perfect! From your pictures, it looks to be the picture of health :)


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