Thursday, February 25, 2010

Volume 2 of things I should've bought and now I'm mad, plus seven things about me

I've done it again. I always wait until it's too late:

prettiest little vintage clock from ClockworkUniverse.

The perfect vintage toaster from solsticehome.

Cozy vintage afghan from ginnyswindow.

The most adorable set of vintage mugs from SunnyDayVintage.

Ah, well. They just weren't meant to be!

I also want to say thanks to Amy for awarding me with the beautiful blogger award!

I have to say seven things about myself you might not already know...hmmm...

1. Most days I wear my winter coat from 7:30 a.m. until the time I go to bed. I'm THAT cold.

2. I really hate glitter (sorry to those of you who love it!).

3. I have an unhealthy addiction to Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Crispins in the bacon 'n' onion flavor (croutons in a can!). Also, when I eat salad I sprinkle these on top and eat the salad dry with no dressing at all. I hear that's a strange thing to do.

4. I was pretty much bored to death by the movie Avatar. There. I said it.

5. When I was in elementary school, I wiped out on my bike in a puddle of motor oil in a parking lot. I skinned my knee but it hurt too badly to wash out the oil. Well over 20 years later the oil is still on my knee- a tattoo, if you will. It looks like a cluster of small birth marks.

6. I can't decide which I love more: black olives or green olives.

7. Maybe seven years ago I wrote a gum company to tell them the berry-flavored gum I purchased was really gross and tasted like beef. They sent me a "gum diary" and I had to answer certain questions every time I tried different types of gum over a period of two weeks. After I turned it in, they sent me a whole bunch of gum. I cheated on the diary and filled the whole thing out in 30 seconds.

Wow. Those seven things about me were pretty lame!

I'm passing this award to these seven lovely ladies:

P.S. A long time ago I got a lot of blog awards at the same time. I had this BIG
post in my drafts to pass along the awards and thank everyone- and I accidentally
deleted the draft and couldn't remember who gave me what awards. :( So, so sorr


  1. That is the coolest clock I have ever seen. Want! Sigh.

  2. I think that's real cool about your knee-tattoo ;)
    I'm with you on the olives, and the glitter.
    (btw, I was one of those who awarded you a while back... )

  3. I was really bored by Avatar too....

  4. Oh the ones that I got away ...
    And apart from the flying dinosaur doo dahs, Avatar WAS pretty boring and so, so long. My hubby fell asleep.

  5. Awww omg thanks for the award, I never got one for my blog before! That's the nicest thing ever!!! I love it! My blog is random and I feel really bad for the people on Etsy who followed it thinking I'm going to talk about my fabric flowers all the time... lol! They are probably like 'wow this faux vegan, hello kitty loving girl is a mess' LOL!

    I went home this weekend and my step-mom took me to see avatar while my dad kept Gav. We saw it in 3D Imax. I wasn't excited to go see it at all, so it didn't have much to live up to lol. I had not seen a movie in 2+ yrs at the theater, so I liked 1- getting out of the house and doing a grownup activity and 2- anything is good with 3D glasses and in Imax. I don't think I was as 'moved' by the movie as everyone else (in the media at least) was... but by the end I did 'buy into' the whole 'lets help these poor blue people' thing.

    Thanks again for the award, sooo nice of you!! :)

  6. I hear you on the being cold thing! That is so strange that you have a "tattoo" from the bike crash--guess you'll never forget that huh. I have no desire to see Avatar and thank god my husband isn't the type to watch it either :)

  7. *giggle* I call that "Non-Buyer's Remorse", and the worst case ever was a vintage pair of pink chicken salt and pepper shakers at a flea market. It was years ago, but I still bemoan them. As I would those mugs- darling!

  8. I just love learning things about blog friends ♥
    I LOVE that clock!! Such a shame you missed that one! Have a wonderful weekend Amy!!

  9. Cool stuff Amy , well somethings are not meant to be but pity afterwards...maybe next time :)...hope you do fine sweety...

    xx Dani

    Ps:can you mail me your new address ;)

  10. Awww, sorry you missed my mugs. I loved 'em too.


  11. Yay you did it! Heaps of people I gave it to just ignored me. Sigh. Internet manners guys.

    Sam & I saw Avatar 3D TWICE at the theatre, it is the only film I have ever gone to see twice. Hah.
    But I hated The Matrix and Toy Story... I heard those are supposed to be good?


  12. i like avatar. but, only without salad dressing.

    i like santa too.

  13. You got to get while the gettings good! Isn't that what they say? I can't say anything because I let a great vintage find get away from me too!

  14. Thanks Amy! So sweet of you. I'm smiling so big :)
    I SO enjoyed this post. Fun 7 facts! Oh & I SO know the feeling of missing a great purchase opportunity. Stinks!

  15. Great list and thank you so much for the award. I am hooking up my new computer tomorrow...if all goes well....and then I will pass the award along to some deserving blog friends. Thanks again!

  16. Awww thanks Amy! I was enjoying your whole post when I saw that you've passed this along.

    Now that you have shown the things your sad to have missed out on, I'm sad too! That toaster might have been my kitchen soul mate.

    I also hate glitter, I have no interest in watching Avatar and dont think I ever will. Your knee is sounds pretty cool!

  17. Oh! I just love all the precious little vintage nick nacks, especially the clock and the mugs. I always do that too-wait until the last minute until it's gone. So now I've become a compulsive goodwill buyer. If I see it, I buy it. haha, I have to limit my thrift store times though, otherwise I'd be very very poor.

  18. Gosh, I LOVE that clock! I have a repro in red, but that one is better.

    Great fun blog!

    claire from heartspace on etsy

  19. um, the clock and the toaster?! please get in my house right now!

    and i liked your seven things :) especially the oil stain from a bike riding incicent.. that's kind of badass, and i would probably tell that story and show it to people all the time!

  20. hahaha! I loved #7. This was a great list. I love croutons. LOVE! And I have not the slightest desire to see Avatar. Have a great weekend.

  21. Love that toaster! And congratulations on your etsy front page--Way to go!

  22. What! Etsy front page and you didn't call me?!!
    What am I? Chopped liver? And I want that toaster and the mugs too. What's Avatar? hehehe
    OH, and Amy, I can think of two very important things about you that weren't in your list.They have to do with darts and 1800 490 FREAK!

  23. That clock is to die for! I have a thing about aqua clocks at the moment...I wish I had your discipline!

  24. Just checking in to say HI! Hope all is well!

  25. That clock and toaster is pretty cute!

    When I was in elementary school, I stepped on a pencil and the lead got stuck in my foot. The doctor extracted it, but to this day I have a gray mark where the lead used to be.

    But don't tell anyone. They'll think I'm a freak!

  26. I love the toaster & clock boo to not having them.

  27. I love those vintage mugs!

  28. I meant to comment later but im lazy...

    All of those items are fantastic I LOVE the clock and the mugs! Your list is great as well. I too HATE glitter...hate, hate. I find the fact that you wrote to a gum company entirely too cute.

    Thanks for tagging me I will get right on this!

  29. Glitter should be illegal.

    I need one of those cool 60s mugs with wild flowers filled to the brim with hot coffee right now to fuel up. Wednesdays are the worst.

    Thanks, as always, for the inspiration. I am going to use the color and personality of that awesome clock in my next sewing project.

  30. That clock is VERY cool!

    Oh and I LOVE black olives - but not green olives, ugh!

  31. No1: my house is so frigid cold that I wear at least 3 sweaters at any given time {shiver}

    No3:croutons in a can are delish!

    No5: Ouch!

    No6:Yum, especially together in a mix with dressing!

    No7:Love this story! You must be one bubble gum blowing girl :)


  32. The clock and the toaster!! So perfect..

    Haha, I love those 7 things! So entertaining. My sister has some gravel in her face from a playground accident over 15 years ago; the school nurse didn't clean it out well enough! I love that story about the gum as well. :)

    Oh, and I was going to ask my neighbor for the chocolate pie recipe, but when I last talked to her the timing just didn't seem right [she was talking about how her dad is in hospice care...]. But maybe one day!!

  33. I love the seven things blogposts. Always fun to learn new things about people. I have a scar on my knee with tiny bits of gravel in in it from grade 5!

  34. I really don't have any honest interest in seeing Avatar. there I said it. :)

    and I love Hidden Valley. Yumm.

  35. I didn't really care for the movie Avatar either. Everyone really liked it but I thought it was just ok. I liked that it was in 3d though.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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