Friday, July 31, 2009

What a beauty

This is my grandma. Gramma Mona, to be exact. I had never seen this photo in my life until it was somehow discovered in a box of old, beat up photos at her house (by my mom). It turns out my grandma always hated this picture and never showed it to anyone! The photo was very creased and torn, and my mom did a great job of restoring it. I think Gramma Mona is a beauty. This picture was taken somewhere around 1952, when she was about 19 or 20. She is still living and gets a kick out of how we love this photo. I loved it so much that I had it made into a tiny pendant by AdornJewelry.

Isn't she lovely?! To see the photo as my mom found it, look here. She did a fantastic job of making it new again!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's coming...

Yep. Fall isn't far off. It's almost time to break out my favorite knitted mary janes and warm blankets.

I am ALWAYS cold, so I tend to be wrapped up when everyone else is too warm. I'm sad to see summer go, but am looking forward to the crisp autumn air and pumpkin pie and apple orchards and hot cider and..and...well, you get the idea. In fact, I think I'll go get a Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice right now. See you soon!
***To clarify, I did not make these slippers! I got them on Etsy a couple of years ago and the seller seems to have closed the shop and moved to another (but doesn't seem to make these anymore). It's too bad because I want another pair!

Reproduction feedsack fabric

I absolutely love fabric reproduced from vintage feedsack. This one is a 1930s repro fabric and it is so adorable! I especially love the floral pattern and color combo and thought it was perfect for this snap pouch.

New in the shop today.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I love a good thunderstorm. Now, I'm a sunshine girl all the way and my favorite thing is a pure blue cloudless sky and lots of sun. But if it's going to be gloomy out, there had better be a nice and loud (and sometimes scary) thunderstorm. Last summer we had a huge storm form right over us very quickly and I took these photos from the second story porch of my house.

Do disregard the annoying finger in the photo below:

The whole thing ended with the most enormous rainbow I've ever seen. I could only capture half of it at a time with my camera. I assure you these amateur photos don't do it justice!


I love when the air is just the right temperature to have breakfast outside on the front porch. Also, take a look at that gorgeous vintage pitcher! My mom let me take it from the garage sale that is somehow always set up in her garage, whether she's having one or not. Thanks, Mom!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Best. Tea kettle. Ever.

I dare someone to prove me wrong! I was lucky enough to get this vintage tea kettle online for ten dollars. I'm not sure if it's late 60s or early 70s but it is one of my favorite vintage kitchen items ever. It's pretty near mint on the outside. The inside does show wear, but it can still be used. Love, love love!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today you are nine

My little girl is nine today. It's true what they say - time flies. I swear it was just yesterday she sat in this little rocking chair outside in the yard and wore the pale green dress that used to be mine. She held her feet up because she didn't like the way grass felt on her sweet chubby toes.

Happy birthday, Julia Belle. I love you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Itty bitty pretties

I have always loved tiny things. I thought I'd show you my two favorite necklaces, which just happen to showcase my two most favorite tiny things. The sterling book locket above is an antique and only about a half inch tall! It opens up and has a little sterling book page inside that you can flip around. I wear this all the time, but have never had photos small enough to fit inside. It is the absolute perfect necklace for a voracious reader like me.

I have also always had an affinity for old skeleton keys. What did they unlock? Who used them? When I found this antique key AND it had the bonus of being just a hair over 1/2 inch tall, I knew it had to be mine!
Anyone else like tiny things?

Oh, but we do have other pets!

Look, here's one of them right now, perched beside me as I sew. I love you, Finn!

And then there were two

Well, Stanley needed a buddy, right?! Meet Ollie, short for Oliver. We've had him for a few days and he's just as sweet as Stanley. It's near impossible to get a clear picture of him. I think he finds it funny to sit completely still and then move at the exact second the camera snaps.

My mom asked me if I intentionally named the boys after Laurel and Hardy. I didn't even realize I had done this, but I think it's pretty fitting. They are a funny little team so it works out well.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Do you ever feel like this?

New postcard sentiment cuff in the shop tonight.

Oh, how I love First Aid Kit

These teenage sisters from Sweden (who make up the band First Aid Kit) are amazing. Here they are covering the Fleet Foxes song, Tiger Mountain Peasant Song. I think it's even better than the original. This cover can be found on their CD entitled Drunken Trees (which I own and love)! I'm an acoustic guitar player myself, so I always go nuts over stuff like this. I especially love how this video was taken by the girls one morning in a forest by their home, and is completely unedited.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some of my favorites

I'm currently working on a new batch of postcard sentiment cuffs, and I wanted to show you some postcards I have in my collection just because I love them. They won't be made into cuffs, but they are worth sharing! It looks like Eric sure liked to get to the point (mailed in 1911):

And someone was in store for quite the spanking in 1909:

Thrift store score

I decided to go thrifting this morning and found this cute little table in great old chippy green paint. I think it was a good deal for $12.00. I actually love green and love old paint so I may just keep it the way it is. It might be a little too shabby, though. If so, I have some great aqua paint that's begging to be used!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morbid? Maybe...

...but I love cemeteries, especially old ones. I love wandering the grounds and looking at the stones and imagining the lives of those who left this earth so long ago. It may be morbid to some, or creepy or even wrong, but my fascination stems from a respect for those who lived before me. I have an even greater affinity for the stones of those who passed so long ago that is impossible for anyone to be alive who still remembers them. In these cases, I like to stand there and think of them for a bit.

The photos below were taken by me last summer at Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Evanston, IL. So many of the graves were intriguing and lovely, but my favorite was this one below, of the young boy's statue enclosed in the capsule-like monument. His name was Josie, and he died in 1891 at the age of nine.

Does anyone else have the same affinity for cemeteries?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I guess they are napping together now....

The cuteness is driving me insane. And I apologize to the followers of this blog who have had it up to here with rat talk! I promise I'm getting back on schedule of posting all sorts of un-rat-related loveliness (see below).

Just plain pretty

I just snapped these pics on my front porch. Queen Anne's Lace is so pretty, even from underneath. Click on the photos to see the details nice and close. I'd also like to give a big thanks-for-nothin' shout out to the bee who mercilessly terrorized me the entire length of this photo shoot! So thanks for nothin'!

Vintage find of the day

Yesterday I went to my local antique store for a bit of lace trim, and found these pinking shears instead. They were in the original Craftsman box, seemingly unused, and they even had the original receipt from 1951 in the box (they cost $5.65 back then)! They are sharp and shiny and I needed pinking shears, anyway. I think they were a steal for $12.00. Oh, happy day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fast friends

"THANK YOU, MOMMY! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!" That was what she said when she saw the cage and little Stanley's head peeping out of his igloo. She gave me the tightest hug she's ever given me, and I knew she would be just fine. Nope, she didn't like Templeton or Samuel Whiskers, and knew right away she wanted him to be Stanley.
They seemed to bond right away, and right after these pictures were snapped he fell asleep in her arms. It was so great!

If you want to see a super cute video of Stanley, click here, and try not to be distracted by nethers at the end. I promise after a while you don't notice them anymore, haha.

We just had to do it.

Stuart's passing has left a great void here, and I'm wondering if he was put into our lives to change the way we feel about rodents. I mean, to most people, rats are...well...rats. My daughter is having a hard time with it and went to go sleep over with her grandma last night. While she was there, I bought the little guy above. He is a hairless dumbo rat, and let me just tell you, he is sweet as sugar. When you walk into the room he runs right to the top of the cage to greet you. He loves to be held. He doesn't bite, and he'll even lick you. My daughter doesn't know I did this, and when she gets home she will find him with a nice little home right in her room.

I'm waiting to name him until she can be here to help decide, but I kind of like Templeton from Charlotte's Web or Samuel Whiskers from the Beatrix Potter stories. He also looks like a Stanley to me. I hope he puts a smile on her face.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another installment of "the mailman was good to me today."

I got this beautifully wrapped package today. I was trying my best to be patient while waiting for this package to arrive (from Canada), because I knew I was in for a treat and it would be worth the wait. Luckily for me, the wait was not long at all!
You want to know what was in it? This:
It's a beauty, too- the biggest one I've purchased so far at about 9x11 centimeters. Aren't these crocheted stones lovely? They make great paperweights and now I have a little collection.
It's super hard to get one. You have to watch the shop announcement to see when the next update will be, and when that very minute comes you need to pounce on one within seconds or it's going to be snatched up by someone else. Go visit knitalatte and make sure to watch her shop like a hawk if you love these as much as I do!

The irreplaceable Charles Dickens

Those who know me know I have a great affinity for Charles Dickens. The atmosphere he was able to create in his books could be matched by no other. I am immediately pulled into another time and place every time I open a Dickens novel. Not only am I pulled into his world, but I'm temporarily left void of any recollection of my own. I actually credit him with the reason it is a dream of mine to get to England one day, and even France.

Not too long ago, I came across a letter written by Charles Dickens to Count d'Orsay in 1844 after just visiting Paris. In my opinion, even his personal letters are a masterpiece:

"I cannot tell you what an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world. I was not prepared for, and really could not have believed in, its perfectly direct and separate character. My eyes ached, and my head grew giddy, as novelty, novelty, novelty; nothing but strange and striking things, came swarming before me. I cannot conceive any place so perfectly and wonderfully expressive of its own character; its secret character no less than that which is on its surface, as Paris is. I walked about streets - in and out, up and down, backwards and forwards - during the two days we were there; and almost every house, and every person I passed, seemed to be another leaf in the enormous book that stands wide open there. I was perpetually turning over, and never coming any nearer the end. There never was such a place for description."

The highlighted area is my favorite part of the letter. Now who wouldn't want to just get up and fly to Paris after reading that?!

The latest postcard sentiment cuff

Here's my latest in the postcard sentiment series. I love the chunky vintage button and teal thread, and the sentence is just great! This particular postcard is from the 50s and I'll have some older ones coming up soon. Find this beauty now in the shop.