Monday, November 23, 2009

My top five scents, in no particular order

1. The ornament pictured above. I grew up in the 80s with a pair of girl and boy gingerbread cookie ornaments on the tree every year. My brother and I would make little 'houses' for them in the branches. Every Christmas when we unwrapped them for hanging, the smell just mesmerized me- to me, nothing smells like Christmas more than these ornaments. I still have the original pair from my childhood, and my mom has even found some online, though they are becoming harder and harder to find. She has bought and given me many sets, and luckily I have a little collection now! I wish you could smell them- kind of like cinnamon and apple cider, but not like the candles or scents of today!

2. A fresh box of crayons- Crayolas, of course! Whenever I get my daughter a new box of crayons, I can't resist the smell. It just brings back so many memories.

3. The inside of my guitar- I don't know what it is, but the woodsy smell inside my acoustic guitar brings me so much joy.

4. Cherry almond scented soap/lotion. I'm looking for a good recommendation of this scent on Etsy if anybody knows one!

5. A new vinyl shower curtain liner right out of the package, or any other kind of vinyl item right out of the package. I really don't know why I like this one so much- it must be something I remember from childhood. I love it!

6. Bookstores. All those new books combined with brewing coffee is definitely one of my favorite scents!

Ok, I cheated and gave my top six scents. Now tell me yours!


  1. ...oh, this sounds fun!

    I LOVE the smells of"

    1. Old Books
    2. Sycamore Trees
    3. Vintage Wood Furniture
    4. Sandlewood & Patchouli
    5. and Gasoline, markers, goof-off... oops did I just admit that? {{lol}}

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Well, I like a very, very, very distant skunk.

  3. And now for a more pleasant list.
    1. Lily of the Valley
    2. Cherry Cuddler miniature PVC figure from Strawberry Shortcake toys
    3. Avon Gingerbread Joys!
    4. Thanksgiving dinner cooking that you notice while you are still in bed.
    5. ORIGINAL Jergen's Lotion!

  4. Mom, that is insane about the skunk. Really. Also, I ALMOST put Cherry Cuddler on the list!

  5. how funny, i just made my top 5 smells list in my head about two weeks ago. it was just a random thought i had and went with it.

    lets see if i can remember...

    1.the smell of my husbands cheek when he hasnt shaved
    2.campfire dog's feet {weird i know, but she doesnt even smell like a dog}
    4.alba kukui nut organic body oil

    but a new box of crayons and patchouli are close as well, thought id ad different ones...

  6. We totally have a few favorite scents in common, especially the guitar smell and cherry almond lotion.

  7. 1. mm I love the smell of old books and subsequently, bookstores.

    2.lavender and vanilla. not necessarily together..

    3. campfire and camping smells of being outdoors

  8. fresh cut grass and a home fire burning

  9. Haha my hubby loves the smell of skunk! Weirdddd

    1. gardenias
    2. rain
    3. freshly laid asphalt (I know..weird)
    4. onions and garlic cooking in butter
    5. puppies

  10. 1. a fresh out of the bath baby
    2. the first rose bloom of the spring
    3. cinnamon rolls right out of the oven
    4. my mom
    5. anything with garlic!

  11. 1. fresh laundry
    2. a wet dog (I may be alone on this one!)
    3. payless shoes
    4. my fiance wearing CkOne
    5. Coffee


  12. 1. a ripe, juicy peach
    2. Baby Magic lotion (even better on the fresh out of the bath baby)
    3. a new leather purse
    4. original Jergens (reminds me of my grandmother)
    5. steaks cooking on a grill

  13. ahhh let's, babies,original Jergens (what is up with all grandma's smelling the same!?!), bacon coking, nutmeg & Aveda LOVE purefume {loves!}

  14. I'm loving all your lists!! Keep 'em coming. :)

  15. Oh I agree with the crayons but I love wax crayons :P

    1- My cats' fur
    2- Chocolate
    3- Lush's Dream Cream
    4- Leaves, spring or fall
    5- Pure Vanilla

  16. greats scents to love! you may think you are weird about the new vinyl smell, but I love it too!

  17. 1. fresh cut grass
    2. freshly sharpened pencils
    3. snow
    4. lilacs (but not soap- just the flowers)
    5. babies- newly bathed with a clean diaper!

  18. *Bookstores...oh, yes....that would be high on the list!
    *Roses mixed with lavender
    *Freshly sharpened colored pencils and fresh journal
    *Jasmine tea...*aaahhhh*...
    *Freshly washed linen

  19. loving the pumpkin coffee I am sipping on right now


  20. ok- I am going to post without looking at the other comments so I won't be influenced.

    1. Books- I love books and I will be sad if we ever go "all digital" I love the smell of them and just holding them- the weight in my hands.

    2. Almonds- almond paste, almond extract- I love the smell of almonds in anything cooked or baked. Almond latter...yum!

    3. Hyacinths- like heaven.

    4. Linseed oil (not sure if I spelled that right)

    5. Apple pie baking- nothing better :)

    Hard to pick 5! Now I have to go back and read everyone elses and want to change my mind! Great post Amy!!!

  21. White musk Body shop
    Fresh cut grass
    smell inside an old barn
    smell of a just baked applepie
    smell of the coming autumn
    smell of books !

    oeps that was 6 ...xx Dani..

  22. Hi Amy,
    Thought I'd check out your blog. I'll play:

    1. orange groves (blossoms) in spring
    2. baby head (that buttery baby smell + hint of baby shampoo)
    3. white narcissus flowers
    4. yep, me too:
    Body-warm Jergens = Mom
    5. hot chocolate with splash of Peppermint Schapps

  23. Oh, this is fun!

    - My husband's antique's so musty and woody
    - Garlic cooking
    - Chai Tea perfume from makes me think of Christmas when I was a child!
    - The smell of leaves burning
    - Rain

  24. 1. the smell of moms is a mixture of fresh linnen candles, clean laundry, a hint of vanilla and a pot of vegetable soup on the stove. It makes my heart feel happy.
    3. freshly washed whites (bleach + softner)
    2. the smell of my husbands cologne and a clean white t-shirt
    3. fresh cut grass
    4. ocean mist/salty air
    5.that smell of toys and playdough that always reminds me of my baby brothers and sisters

  25. I love everyone's lists!! Oh, Mandi, I agree with the play-doh!

  26. Favorite scents:

    1. Lavender
    2. Chocolate
    3. Kimchi
    4. Garlic
    5. Old Spice cologne (reminds me of my late grandpa)

  27. Great idea Amy, I love it!

    My favorite smells:

    1. Old books (not only the smell but also the sound when you open them!)
    2. Fresh ground coffee
    3. Ocean breeze
    4. New leather
    5. Turpentine (very toxic, I know, but I just love it)

  28. I also sort of like the smell of moth balls! Gross, I know!

  29. Mom, I like moth balls, too! That smell reminds me of the back door entrance to Grandma Brunkalla's house!

  30. I loved the scent of those funny looking little gingerbread boy and girl. I used them as decorations for many, many years. I sold Avon for many years and these were one of my favorite ornaments to show people. They just smelled so awesome!

  31. I gave my daughter a set of those gingerbread boy and girl ornaments when she was a baby. Over the years it was the second and 3rd ornament to go on our tree. And every year we were so excited that they still smelled so good. They are quite special to her and to me.

    Her ex-husband, out of spite, sent them, along with all of her childhood ornaments, to the Good Will. We have been looking for a new set. Do you have a set to sell? I would love to give them to her for Christmas. I cannot find them anywhere.

  32. Oh Please.... Oh Please!!! Can you tell me what the offical scent of those gingerbread ornaments is??? I also have the pair (boy and girl), and can relate to what you say about the smell of Christmas from them!

    I was in Ocean State Job Lot (a local discount store) just before Christmas and was in an aisle next to the candles. I kept smelling my ornaments! No lie, I spent about 25 minutes sniffing around the 2 aisles trying to find it! With no luck! My fiance and I just finally got our ornaments down and the tree down, and I swore to her that I would find out tonight.

    So here I sit at my computer with the ornaments next to me... Do you know? (or does someone on here know? Please email me @ . Thanks!

    My Scents...
    1. Vanilla
    2. Those ornaments! :)
    3. Rain on the leaves in the fall.
    4. Dark Chocolate
    5. An old barn that used to store old tractors which sometimes have the same smell as an unrestored antique car. (I guess the old oil smell).

    I have to agree with your Mom about the distant skunk thing... for some reason I like that also. (although I wouldn't buy a candle with that scent!) :)

  33. "Home Sweet Home" by Yankee Candle is VERY close to the ornaments' scent (the mini tin -- not the candle -- is closest...but the candle/air freshener etc. are still quite close).

    Avon could make a fortune if the could track down the original formula...and I stress ORIGINAL. Perhaps someone with a lot of money could have some gas chromatography done on it or some other method to objectify the fragrance's chemical fingerprint. As far as I'm concerned it IS the soul of Christmas.

  34. I couldn't agree with you more regarding the vintage gingerbread ornaments. My parents had them when I was growing up and they lost them durning a move. For the past two years I have been on a mission to locate another set as I now have a family. The smell is classic and just looking at the photo, it takes me back to my childhood. If you ever have the luck of finding another set, please let me know, as I am searching high and low.
    Misty M.


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