Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun "fact" of the week

"Summoned to attend an elderly lady in decline, I occasionally heard a shout in the back yard, sounding as if made by one intoxicated and, at length, saw an apparently drunken female, throwing up her hands, jumping up and shouting. I asked my patient what all this meant and she replied, 'she is my eldest daughter, and has always been thus, obviously because her father begot her when intoxicated, though a teetotaler* at all other times.'

A teetotal father, intoxicated while exhilarated, begets a besotted-appearing daughter who all her life will keep doing just what he did for an hour before she received being."

-Creative and Sexual Science (1876)

*A teetotaler is a person who completely abstains from alcoholic beverages.

Image above from here.


  1. Oh my...these just keep getting better!

  2. I have no idea what the proper response to that is... but it's funny.

  3. Wow! So interesting...


  4. "her father begot her when intoxicated."

    People just don't talk like that anymore, do they?

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