Monday, October 5, 2009

Things I'm loving right now

Journal made from a gorgeous antique book by moonmothpress. This shop always picks the prettiest books!

Intaglio print entitled "Victorian Love Letter" by studiomme. Her work is amazing!

Chocolate soap from LatheratiSoap, which just happens to be inspired by one of the best movies ever - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I've been lusting over this one for a while now. As soon as my current soap is gone, I'm getting this one!

Now tell me this doesn't look like the softest, warmest piece of clothing ever! It makes me want to curl up with a chocolate chai and a book and sit in front of my fireplace all day. By lyptis.

I have been loving this shawl from aCatsNest since the first time I saw it. It can be worn as a cowl, a hood, and my favorite- around your shoulders as a shawl. The colors are perfect, too.


  1. That shawl would be super. duper. easy. for me to make. Call me, k? :)

    And how's the granny squares blanket coming along?

  2. what a surprise! Thank you for the shawl mention sweet Amy! and I love that journal!

  3. That soap looks divine. I've been craving some clove soap. Wonder where I could find some really high-quality of that? Hmmmmmmmm...

  4. And that cowl does look amazing. Actually though, you could likely just cut the bottom part of a sweater you like the design of off and stitch up the rough edge. Easy-peasy.

  5. Great little journal. I always like it when artists repurpose things. Thanks for including me in your collection!

  6. oooh, that shawl is yummy... especially the colours!


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