Thursday, October 29, 2009

These blue beauties could be yours...

Don't you just love that blue?! The fabulous Mellisa of jewelryvixen will be giving these away to one lucky commenter on this post. Mellisa is really sweet and has a great shop. I'm still loving my pair of jewelryvixen earrings!

All you have to do to enter is visit jewelryvixen's shop and come back here and leave a comment telling which item is your favorite. The winner will be randomly chosen on Friday, November 6th. Make sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win- good luck to all!


  1. Those are stunning!! I am going to check out her shop right now!


  2. Very, very pretty. I think these are my favorite in her shop:

    Reminds me of being at the ocean.

  3. Oooh very nice! It was a tough choice, but i'd have to go with the black magic-beaded dangle earrings!!!

  4. Okay, that shop went straight to my etsy favourites! It was difficult to pick out just one, but I -love- this necklace:

  5. Too hard to pick just one favorite!! so excuse me, but I will list a few (she has 6 pages of great stuff!!) 1. the filigree acorn-copper and brass chain necklace 2. coronation-beaded dangle earrings 3. seafoam-beaded dangle earrings :)

  6. A seriously difficult choice. If I had to pick just one, it would be the blue autumn lanterns. But sand-beaded and blanca-beaded earrings would be very close in the running. Love this shop and definitely added as a favorite.

  7. I really love this one 'Sweet (red apple)-Faerie Couture Collection chain necklace' (
    I just love apples in general and this one is so delicate.

    Good luck to everyone=)
    This blue is SO amazing!

  8. This entry is for my friend B since my blog won't ever accept her comments!! So sorry!:

    I'd love to get in on those earrings. My favorites are the different earrings. At first I thought the petite flower ones, but than I saw the abacus seagreen ones, they are delish! And as I kept going and going I fell in love with just too many pairs of earrings all together.

  9. I love everything!!!!
    But my favorite is....
    sweet (red apple)-Faerie Couture Collection

    Pick me!!!!! I wanna win!!! :)

  10. My favorite is the corazon noir necklace. Soooo pretty.


  11. Thank goodness i can take a break from sewing! I've been working on my costume for weeks and it's still not ready!
    I just love the tattoo heart necklace

    Very inspired and i just adore the use of vintage bits!

  12. OMG how cool!

    It's hard to pick a fave; all of her stuff is so wonderful!! But, if pressed to pick one item, I'd go with this: The tattoo-inspired heart+bird necklace is awesome <3

    (ps, you can get ahold of me on Etsy, IF I win ;) )

  13. beautiful! my favorite is the pair of earrings for the giveaway! it was difficult to pick a fave everything is so lovely!

  14. How exciting! Is this your first giveaway Amy?

    My favorite is this apple necklace!

    Thanks :)
    thelostearring at yahoo dot com

  15. Well, my first giveaway of someone else's item- yep! I love this shop, too, so I'm excited. :) Too bad I can't enter! lol

  16. All of her stuff is completely gorgeous. The earrings for the giveaway are definately a favourite, and I also love the Tart (Green Apple) Faerie Couture Collection necklace -
    Soooo cute!

  17. I stumbled upon this,when blog-hopping.
    WOW--- so much beautiful wonderful jewelry!!!
    I go for "petite moondrops-beaded dangle earrings"
    I also love the name--moondrops-beaded ---wow
    Ingela fromSweden...

  18. Wow! I LOVE them. Amy, they are exactly like the beads we used to sell at Robert's. We had those exact flower ones. In yellow, too! And also flat ovals with the same flowers. You should remember those!
    She's got a nice shop! Thanks for sharing it here!

  19. I found my favorite item in her shop and it is the fang necklace! It's great!

  20. My favourites are the gilded acorn earrings!

    My e-mail is :

  21. i absolutely love everything but my favorite is the waterlily necklace for obvious reasons.

  22. ohmygoodness these are a DREAMMMMMMMm!!!!

    i love her shop, but the red apple necklace is my fav!


  23. I've had her shop hearted for ages now!!! I especially love the tattoo (red)-enamel flower chain necklace- all my friends went out and got these chest tattoos but, personally, I think that this is a much wiser investment! :)

  24. I love the autumn rose version of these earrings. So pretty! Thanks for this chance!

  25. I love that the items/pages are in colour order!

    the filigree acorn-copper and brass chain necklace is my favourite :D

    Lei Rose

    i like the underglass faerie necklace .

    I hope this giveaway is worldwide .



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