Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun "fact" of the week

"If a child wakes up in the morning and calls for a drink of water the first thing, such child is perfectly certain to be sick before noon. The course to be pursued is to keep him in bed and, by warm drinks, promote perspiration, eating nothing whatever until the afternoon, when he may amuse himself by nibbling at some cold, dry bread and the next day he will be about again. Otherwise, a breakfast will be eaten, fever comes on, vomiting and several days illness."
- Fun Better Than Physic, 1877

That'll teach a child to never say he's thirsty!

And a bonus not for the faint of heart:

"To cure a broken limb, kill and cut open two puppies and bind them on each side of the broken limb."
-Diaries of Charles Darwin, 1833

I can hardly believe anybody EVER thought that one to be true. I just included it because if anything was ever a crazy thing to write down in a diary, that is it.

Photo above from here.


  1. OMG!! All of these "remedies" are mind-boggling...and sad--LOL! Did people really do this stuff??! :o7

  2. Kill puppies?!? Oh my. I just want to know how that harebrained idea came about. Reminds me of some of the crazy animal testing I read about in a book called Animal Liberation. Frightening!

  3. oh that poor thirsty child, and the puppies, I can't believe that!!

    (lovely vintage image)

  4. Well, that is interesting. I can't believe Darwin said that!

  5. kill two puppies?.. very weird.... that would also make a bizarre, but perhaps cryptic Halloween costume. ;)

  6. Wow some of this stuff is really messed up! I suppose it would be a cool costume though to dress up like Darwin and strap two stuffed dogs to your leg.

  7. Holy cannoli. Dead puppies and cold bread? No. No. Nononoooo.

  8. Lol Ms. B!

    Usually you're able to see some sort of reasoning behind old beliefs, but...puppies? On your leg? Seriously?

  9. Just hilarious!! It's so sad to think that many many years ago people were such fools!! And the fact that they documented all their non-sense beliefs is even funnier!!
    Hope life's happy my darling

  10. wow darwin, puppy killer eh? he had some crazy beliefs, this is almost suitably halloweenish lol. i often wonder if someday in the future people will look back at us and think we were a bit crazy too!!


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