Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fun "fact" of the day

"Have you a family? If you have not, you need not take any exercise, and you can eat and stuff and guzzle all day, for you are of no account and the sooner you die off and make room for the better man, the better for society at large."

-The Guide Board to Health, Peace and Competence (1869)

Can you believe that?! And a bonus fun "fact":

"Nothing is better than ear wax to prevent the painful effects resulting from a wound by a nail, skewer, etc. It should be put on as soon as possible. Those who are troubled with cracked lips have found this remedy successful when others have failed."

-The American Frugal Housewife (1832) Hmmm..I guess chap stick IS made of wax, but that is just vile!

Image above found here.


  1. Ear wax for chapped lips is vile, I agree, but I read this in a camping survival guide some years ago. I guess if you were desperate or stranded somewhere, it wouldn't seem as vile as it does now. It is just amazing to me how one part of our body is designed to take care of others, etc.

  2. lol earwax as lip balm just about made me gag.

  3. What a repulsive fact! But entertaining none the less :)

  4. Yikes! That ear wax bit is a little too much, I think. LOL!

  5. all the natural remedies out there :)
    but i'll take shea butter over ear wax for cracked lips

  6. I have issues with earwax so this really bothers me.

  7. Oh my, those are both hilarious and disturbing/gross at the same time! Victorian health guides are so bizarre - once, when I worked at an old museum in Oklahoma, I came across a whole bunch of them from 1890-1910. Apparently people at that time were highly preoccupied with the causes constipation, but it seemed no one quite understood the importance of fiber... ;)

  8. It's really interesting i think.

    Where do you find all these facts? lol

  9. honestly i'm speechless at both of these 'fun facts'... !
    btw, thank you for wishing me well, it's good to be feeling healthy again... :)

  10. This had me LOL especially the first quote!


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